Torres hands in verbal transfer request?

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Jun 30, 2010
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Various sources on Twitter claiming that Liverpool Striker, Fernando Torres has handed in a verbal request to senior Liverpool figures to join Chelsea.

Tony Barrett from the Times has reported it and it is also a story on the Times' website, although subscription required, he is a very credible source, also other (less) credible sources are reporting the same story....

Anyone reckon it's gonna happen? Personally I'm hoping February 1st comes around ASAP.
Won't happen, but maybe in the summer. Would probably pay for Suarez though...
Probably a load of BS. There are no quotes and unless there are, it is most likely untrue
If he does, it'll be a blow of course for Liverpool, but a financial gain because whoever tries to sign him will be squeezed every penny - I am guessing a £40-50million transfer is not very far-fetched when considering his importance to the club.

Then, the mass amount of money, including the possible transfer of Luis Suarez, will give them the opportunity to look into other areas of the squad - namely a replacement to Steven Gerrard for the next few years.

Javier Pastore anyone?
Apparently suarez deal in doubt because of torres deal but once again rumours liek eevrything

If he is sold we need to buy two/three players max with the budget to ensure they are quality else replacing him with squad players will only make us worse
is there not a torres thread already?

anyway he will stay till summer
this is getting out of hand now just heard a new rumor man city will offer 70 mil plus adam johnson
they are all reporting it, but know one has actually heard him say it, they are just going on what other people have told them.
twitter is not a source its a ***** rumour mill where 90% of the things turn out to be false
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