Sep 28, 2005
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Iam glad he's coming, ive always wanted to see him in action in the premiership.why havnt man U or chelsea gone after him though ? or even arsenal as replacement for henry?hmmmmmm 26.5 is welly steeep though.
Man Utd and Chelsea went in for him last year (apparently), and there's no point in competing with Liverpool for Spanish players to be fair. I think Torres is also a Liverpool supporter-ish, he had the words "You'll Never Walk Alone" on the inside of his captains armband.

Price is steep but I think it's just a sign that the new owner aren't all talk about the financial backing they are providing 'Rarfa'.

Oh and OMG £26.5m for someone who isn't a 20 goal a season striker OMG!!!
is that sarcasm i detect lee?

anyway drogba was the only guy who got 20 goals in the prem last season.i dont think many strikers will be able to score 20 goals in the premiership, apart from dong gook lee and tuncay :D

compared to other strikers in spain he wasnt that good, he was 8th in the la liga top scorers... SS news again :D

maybe rafa plays a lot of champ man in his spare time and he knows how good torres is :)
You detect well. Everyone keeps going on about how we need a 20 goal a season striker but they don't exist anymore, the league is alot harder now and in my opinion the only player who can get that amount of goals consistently in the Premiership would be RVN, and maybe God.

Torres isn't a prolific scorer but he's a match winner and can lead the line well. You have to remember he was also playing for Athletico Madrid, they don't exactly have the best of midfields. Just imagine how good he will be with Alonso, Kewell's, and Gerrard's service.

I can't wait to see him linking up with Kuyt, Crouch, and Voronin. :wub:

edit - oh and as far as I know it's only about £20m in cash and the rest is to do with Garcia.

edit2 -
Liverpool are expected to pay £21.5m for Torres, having sold Luis Garcia to Atletico yesterday in a £5m deal.
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Its very true that its v hard to score 20 league goals. And arent there other strikers who can lead the line?**** why not mark viduka. i think rafa is actually paying 21.5 million worth potential, ie rooney and man utd. iam pretty sure torres isnt the complete article but with time, as with wazza, he MIGHT just become a 20goal a season guy. I'd back him.

And that makes me think, isnt it a bit gash that there arent many top top top strikers about.few years ago we had the likes of the real ronaldo(when he was fat but good) raul , shevva,alan shearer! and the ever present RVN :D. now there arent as many goal machines. that or i dont watch as much football :). but times arent very good when you hav a midfielder the 2nd (?) top goalscorer.
Yeh Torres is only 23 so even if he does fail after a few years Liverpool will be able to sell him on again for a large sum back to Spain as he will still be a good age.
Oh I forgot about fat Ronaldo, he is probably the second best goalscorer in the world at the moment behind Ruud.

Viduka is completely different to Torres, we have Crouch and Kuyt who can do the Viduka job but Torres has pace and is quite a good dribbler.
Ok the final price of the transfer was £20.2m. The higher price was just leaked by Atheltico to dampen the blow to the fans.
Haha. Good striker dont know how well he'll adapt to the english league but should b a good signing for them. I like him as a player but i hope he doest do too well :)
Great signing in my opinion cannot wait to see him in action like lee said with Kuyt