Total Club Restart


Dec 1, 2009
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Hello felllow managers,

If I don't make it and win the title in the first 3-4 years after I've been close to it with any club I always make a small revolution because I always feel like the players are satisfied with 2nd, 3rd place (I know that's not true but....).

Now I'm managing Excelsior (club in Netherlands) and I've been finishing 4th and in Conference League the last 2 seasons (I've been there 3 seasons, I saved them from relegation) but I'm having this strong desire to make a Total Club Restart meaning I want to sell or realease all of the first team players and start with 16+ years old players from my youth and reserve teams. They are **** tbh :eek: but I still want to try and make this jus to see what will happen (probably I'll get sacked even thou I'm adored) plus it might help with the strugling finances.

Has anyone had any similar experience? Or shoudl I just stick to small revolution ?