Dec 28, 2010
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I hope you agree that the best way to play football is the total football way, like arsenal and holland to name just two. But I just can't get to grip's with how to get my teams to play like this on FM 2011.

So simply can you help me with tactic's and formations to make my team play this way ???

And by the way im manageing the two most unlikly teams to play this style AFC wimbledon and Blackpool.​
You need to create your tactics to suit your players. You are never going to play like Holland in 74 / 78 if you are AFC Wimbledon and Blackpool
You will get relegated with blackpool, not sure about wimbledon if you try to play this. And what do you mean by total football, to emulate the clockwork orange Netherlands team with Cruyff and Neeskens or just play a short passing game?
first team choice is poor so ur nt going to be able to create it to a certain level

bt u have to create a basic formation if u hope to recreate holland 74/75 start with a 4-3-3 with 3 wide forwards as inside forwards 1 defender as a sweeper -Liberio 1 dc 2 fb also 3 CM also very fulid and roam position for every1 except for sweeper

thats wat i fink
You forgot to mention Barcelona, they also use some aspects of total football.
this concept is possible, i did achieve it with man utd
i deploy a 2-3-2-3 :p

very fluid
short passing
drill crosses
more expressive
more roaming

will post a screenshot later ;)
had this tatic laying around and fought i would show it to u
Try Ghost Tactic by Zero Sea. IMO very similar to total football
had this tatic laying around and fought i would show it to u

does it work then ?

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and how did you do that?

here ya go mate :p

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yep very effective won the league with city.EUand LC
i will upload it tomorrow unless u object to dat :p
it works like a 2-3-2-3

the two cbs play deep, while the wingbacks bomb forward. the dmc breaks up play and the cms playmake. the strikers scores the goals :D
i think very fluid and more direct passing is the role of Total Football.
CMIIW mate