Jul 17, 2013
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hi I recently did very well with crawley and got them to the premiership. Unfortunately I have the worst training ground 6000 stadium a wage budget of 200000 my players are mainly championship level, and my highest wage players are only earning about 15000. most are on about 7 grand. I am obviously going to get relegated and by pure luck I beat Blackburn fellow promotion team 2 1 but all my other games i'm losing 4 - 0 after about 20 mins, I keep restarting because I don't want to go whole season losing 8 - 0 all the time and I haven't even played man utd or the big teams yet. I tried an ultra defence tactic but all this does is limit games to 2 to 3 losses. Possession tactic doesn't seem to work and all my players are demoralised make loads of mistakes etc. I can't really sell any players because nobody wants them because they are really league 1 and championship players, plus I can't afford any decent players that are even premiership standard. Can somebody please advice me on a tactic I can use that will at least give me a few wins maybe against the lower standing teams as it would be totally pointless to just go every game 4 - 0 or more if I even last that long.
Hi first bit of advice, since your team seams to be struggling with most of the teams try setting the strategy to counter, also try to loan some players from some of the higher teams in the league if you are strapped for cash or wages.

What tactic are you using currently using and how is your wage budget looking? You should still be able to get some decent premier side players who are free agents.