Mar 7, 2010
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Hello everyone,

First post for me ^^)

Hoping to get some advice.

This is my current squad in season 2:

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FIrst question - i would like to bring in Isco or Eriksen. Should i bring one of them in, and if so, which one?

Second question - Lennon is annoying me and wants a new challenge. Should i sell him for 20 mil to Southampton?

Thanks a bunch guys!

Good day!
Eriksen is much better than isco IMO ! £20m for Lennon bargain :)
Isco has great stats but has failed for me in every save ive used him in maybe its my fault not sure i

Sell Lennon his speed is great to have but there are players who offer that and much more

just my 2 pence
Hey guys,

Thanks so much for the advice! Really appreciated! ^^)

Lennon is of to Southampton for 20 mil in jan, and El Shaarswy is coming in for 23 mil instead.

Eriksen is coming in June for 15 mil (steal!), and hopefully Lewandowski for free at end of season.

I dare to say i'm quite pleased with my business in the tranfer market (H)
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isco isnt really great in my saves.. though his stat are beast.. you can make a fortune out of him
nice work man, elshaarswy is the bomb, you got a much better player for 3 mil..... i would have gone isco, only cause he was killing it in my swansea save.... but close call you could go either way...