Hes just joined Real Madrid for £117Million in the start of the second season on my Barca save
Well, I'll be done with the first season soon enough so we'll see if he stays!

Loving it
Cheers mate!

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January 2018

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A lot of games to cover this month, including 3 games against Chelsea! The first one came in the league on the 1st of January and it ended in a 3-3 draw. We were 2-0 up inside the first 10 minutes so it does feel a little disappointing to draw 3-3 by the end of 90 minutes but we'll just have to do with a point.

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Second game of the month against Chelsea and this definitely was an important one in the Carabao Cup semi-final. I know, no one cares about this cup but it would still be nice to win it if we can! We lose the first leg 3-2 though and will have to get a better result at Wembley to hope of a cup final this season. Chelsea are a great side so it could be very tough.

View attachment 38244
We weren't filled with a whole lot of confidence going into this game against City and also the second leg against Chelsea. After losing the first leg, we were exhausted and just couldn't do anything at the Etihad against Manchester City. It's another defeat in the league which hopefully won't come back to bite us later in the season.

View attachment 38237
HAAAAARRY KAAANE, HE'S ONE OF OUR OWN!!! What a performance from the lad in front of 90,000 at Wembley! He scores an incredible 4 goals to give us a 4-2 win, 6-5 on aggregate and put us through to the Carabao Cup final where we'll play Liverpool! After losing 3-2 in the first leg, everything looked good as we were winning 2-0 but when they scored I thought that's it, they're going to go on and score even more now but we're the ones who ended up doing that and we get the win! Incredible.

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View attachment 38234
In contract news, 3 players had theirs expiring at the end of the season hence the extensions. Vorm also left the club actually as he had been made other offers but decided to stay here as our backup goalkeeper. At 35 years old though, I don't see him being on the bench for very long. Vertonghen is another player who extends his contract and thank God, because he really is one of our best players at the club. As for Tanganga, he's a promising centre-back from the youth team who could come in handy once the older players in the side start to retire or when players eventually start to leave so it was good to extend his contract as well.

View attachment 38233
One player who we couldn't convince to stay here though was Mousa Dembélé. He's one of my favourites Spurs players in real life so it was really tough to see that he accepted an offer from China instead of a new offer from us but he'll be leaving at the end of the season. A real blow for us.

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View attachment 38226
View attachment 38225
As if our midfielder situation couldn't get any worse, both Wanyama and Sissoko requested to leave and I just couldn't hold them here against their will, especially considering how dodgy the squad atmosphere has been lately. With Wanyama gone and Dembélé leaving at the end of the season, that'll leave us with Dier and Winks as two proper deep midfielders, with Alli and Oakley-Boothe potentially able to play there as well. This might be a much tougher challenge than I thought! One thing's for sure, with our youth facilities all maxed out, we could bring in some amazing talent through the ranks so that's exciting at least. Onomah and Glover both leave the club on loan until the end of the season as I look to get them to improve a little bit so they're ready for the Tottenham first team.

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View attachment 38223
The league ended up going quite well this month! With a Carabao Cup final to play for, we also managed to stay in 4th which is fantastic. We're 3 points ahead of Liverpool in 5th and just 2 points behind 2nd and 3rd, so you could really say that we have a big chance of making it to the top 3 this season if we do well against Liverpool and Arsenal now as our last 2 huge teams to play against this season in the Premier League.

View attachment 38222View attachment 38221
As if Mousa couldn't make me sad enough that he's leaving! He gets the Spurs player of the month for January after some great performances against Chelsea multiple times and just overall throughout the month. He's been one of our starting midfielders ever since Wanyama's departure alongside Dier and the partnership has worked out great, which is why it's so hard to think about next season and how we'll need to find a new partner for Dier.
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February 2018

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A big result against Juventus despite the 3 away goals conceded. All Juventus would need at home is a goal to make it through but I'm really hopeful that we can score at least one as well if we managed to score 4 tonight!

View attachment 38143
We could only get a draw at the Emirates which means we'll be adding one game to our schedule! A draw away from home is more than good enough for me to be honest, I just hope we can do better in the replay at our own "home"!

View attachment 38141
It's always great to get a win in a London derby, but how about a 4-1 win away from home in a London derby? Incredible result from our point of view as we can keep the pressure on teams in the top 3 in the hopes of getting there ourselves.

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View attachment 38139
Tottenham's firs trophy in 10 years!!! Their last one was also the Carabao Cup, in the 2007/08 season so what a relief for myself as a Tottenham fan and all the fans at Wembley as well to be able to celebrate another title. Liverpool were no match for us today, despite being so good against us at Anfield in the league a couple months back. With this trophy win, I'm hoping not only the board but the players and the fans will now have a little more faith in me, especially as we're still doing really well in the league and aren't out of the Champions League just yet!

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What a superb result against another London rival. This one's Arsenal though, so that always means a lot more. How fitting is it that it's Arsenal's new signing Fernando who missed the final penalty to knock them out of the FA Cup? I guess new signings aren't always so great after all! We go through on penalties and will play Fulham in the 6th round of the FA Cup, which should be a very interesting game. Next match for us now, Arsenal in the league in early March!

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View attachment 38136
A great first win in the first leg in the Champions League, 2 wins from two in the Premier League, knocking Arsenal out of the FA Cup and a cup win against Liverpool? Could February have gone any better? As my contract ends at the end of the season, I'm really hoping this sort of form later on in the season will get me a new extended contract for sure. We sit in 3rd in the Premier League with our only real big opponents left to play in our next 10 games being Arsenal, Liverpool, Everton and Leicester. Let's get this top 3 finish!!!

View attachment 38135View attachment 38134
Dele Alli was the one who played as our starting right midfielder for the longest time this season, but ever since I put Lucas there he's been a revelation. With a goal and 6 assists in 6 games, Lucas absolutely deserves the Spurs player of the month for February in his first full season at the club. At only 26 years old, he has the potential to not only get even better but also continue playing like that for the club for a number of years!
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March 2018

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A massive win against Arsenal at Wembley, not long after knocking them out of the FA Cup. That really does feel great! Aurier and Kane were absolutely world-class as we smashed the Gunners 3-0 to get up to 2nd in the Premier League. Could we finish above Arsenal this season despite being below them for the longest time? I really do think that if anything, that'll get me a new contract at the club right?!

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Sadly, our European adventure will end here as we played most of the second leg with 10 men after Aurier got sent off early in the second half and we conceded 2 goals in the last 15 minutes. It's heartbreaking as a 0-0 draw would've seen us through but Juventus are a great side and I can't be so mad at the performance. We did what we could with 10 men but unfortunately, against a Juve side with Bonucci, Chiellini, Dybala and Cristiano Ronaldo, it's very hard. A positive from the match though is that Eric Dier, who I had promised to let go if we didn't get to at least the quarter-final of the Champions League, realised that we were playing against a really good side in Juventus and has agreed to stay until at least next season to see where we get to.

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View attachment 38075
As many of you know, in England, March is the time for youth prospects to join clubs on trial to see if those clubs want to sign the players. I was really excited about this as this is a huge and important area for the club to be good at, since we can't sign anyone! Unfortunately, we didn't have that many incredible players to sign but one of them did look really impressive. Jordan Black, 16 years old, was evaluated by our coaches and scouts to be able to become a leading Premier League midfielder so I immediately snapped him up. He can only play as a centre midfielder right now but is currently training to become a defensive midfielder as well and I have to say, it's perfect since so many defensive midfielders we had at the club are now leaving!

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Mousa Dembélé is our only injury this month and our only current injury as well, which is decent considering we have quite a few games left and Harry Winks has actually been playing ahead of the Belgian in the last few games.

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View attachment 38072
Thank God for Harry Kane is all I have to say right now. Without a single signing, we've somehow made it to 2nd in the Premier League and really do have a huge chance of finishing in the top 3 this season. We weren't very impressive after that 2-0 defeat against Juventus but have done well enough to stay in the race for a top 3 finish which is always nice. We'll also be playing in the FA Cup semi-final against Manchester City at some point in April which is quite exciting.

View attachment 38071View attachment 38070
Kane might've scored a lot of goals in March, but he was quite disappointing other than those. Dier was the most consistent performer at the club this month hence why he gets his second Spurs player of the month of the season! He really has been our second best player this season behind Kane so I was so happy to hear that he'll be sticking around for a while despite us not making it to the Champions League quarter-final. After all, we could be finishing 2nd in the Premier League which isn't bad at all!
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April & May 2018

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With just 5 games to go, we do still have a chance of potentially winning the league! Imagine if we did after not making a single signing... That would be crazy. Nevertheless, my goal now is to finish where we are right now in 2nd. It would be an improvement on last season and we'd be finishing above our rivals Arsenal, what's better than that!

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What a win against Everton to start off our last few games in the league! Kane was world class once again and Davinson has really imposed himself as one of the best, if not the best, defender at the club. We smashed Everton despite having a tough first game against them in the league a few months back, which should give us confidence for the Liverpool game and hopefully the games after that so we can finish strong!

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Liverpool's title hopes come to an end as we draw at Wembley against them. We did dominate in terms of possession but the Reds were good enough to score 2 goals despite that and we'll have to share a point after this game. We still have 3 games to go and I'm very confident that we can finish in 2nd with some good results in those matches.

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We're in the FA Cup final! After winning the Carabao Cup earlier this season over Liverpool, we'll be facing Watford in the FA Cup final in late May! What a way to end our season. I mean it could end in a disaster but after all the hard work this team has put in, I'm confident we can end the season with 2 trophies. Who would've thought huh? A new Tottenham manager winning 2 TROPHIES in his first season? Unheard of!

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View attachment 37997
After a really successful season, we manage to secure a top 4 finish. The board have given me over £95 million to spend next summer, which is just a horrible thing to think about when I know I can't spend any of it! After moving the budget over to the wage budget, we have £2.75 million free for wages for the side, which should be more than enough to deal with any new contract requests at the end of the season...

View attachment 37996
We end up finishing in 2nd! What a fantastic achievement for the club as came 8 points behind the league winners Manchester United and just a point above Chelsea. Two bad results against Brighton and Leicester almost cost us that 2nd place finish but we managed to get it nonetheless, which is fantastic. I can't wait for next season with this side now, even though we won't be able to make any signings. Arsenal will be disappointed as they were in the title race and could only finish in 5th place for their first season under Emery.

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View attachment 37992
A wave of new contracts at the club! Three youngsters all sign new contracts as they are the future of this club, while I've also been handed a new contract at the club for the next 3 years which is fantastic.

View attachment 37991
We'll be saying goodbye to Lamela at the end of the season on top of Mousa Dembélé as he wasn't happy here anymore. He'll be going to Leipzig, Germany, where we might face him again in the Champions League, who knows?

View attachment 37990
Kieran Trippier might be a big doubt for the upcoming World Cup as he gets injured for a month in early May. That really might've sealed his fate in the England team, sadly.

View attachment 37989
What a perfect way to end the season! After knocking out the likes of Arsenal and Manchester City, we beat Watford 1-0 in the final thanks to Kane's 49th goal of the season in all competitions and win our second trophy of the season! It really is a perfect way to end a really successful year here at the club and I'm really hoping that the current players and all the youngsters at the club will do a great job, if not better job, next season!

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View attachment 37986
Hugo, Davinson and Harry all feature in the Premier League Players' Team of the Year, as I get the Manager of the Year award myself. Definitely goes show that we were excellent all season long and on multiple fronts as well, not solely relying on our attack or defence! Kane finishes as the top goalscorer with an impressive 26 goals, 5 ahead of Arsenal's Aubameyang. Not many Tottenham players other than that, which is a little disappointing but now that the players have gotten used to my system, I'm sure they'll all do better on an individual level next season!

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View attachment 37983
No signing of the season obviously, as we're not allowed to make a single one! Davinson wins the Young Player of the Season according to the fans though, as Dier wins the Player of the Season despite Kane's many goals! Our season review does look really decent, with Wembley being 65% full and being FA Cup and Carabao Cup winners! Even better is the fact that we used the least amount of players in the Premier League this season but still finished 2nd. I hope that'll continue for years to come! With Kane scoring 49 goals in 57 games, there is no doubt in my mind that he'll be one of many players who will be looked at by big European clubs but I'm confident we'll keep our main man in the team.

View attachment 37982
I talked about the World Cup earlier and well, here are the players going to Russia this summer! Bit surprising not to see Lucas travel with the Brazil national team to be honest, especially considering the amazing form he was in this season but I guess it wasn't enough... Five Englishmen are going, Harry Winks being the surprise inclusion over Kieran Trippier to be honest. Good luck to all these lads though, I'll be watching as many games as possible from home and am excited to see them all back at Hotspur Way later in July.
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Pre-season 2018/19

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View attachment 37392
An impressive 7 players sign new contracts over the summer, keeping them at the club for years to come! In the words of Mauricio Pochettino: "I'm very happy with players who have signed new contracts, that's like 7 new signings!". Eriksen, Alli, Lloris, Trippier, Alderweireld, Winks and Sánchez are those 7 "new signings" and all of them are first team players which is fantastic news.

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Heartbreak for the club and for Son who got injured in early June and will not only miss the World Cup but also a big part of next season down on the left flank of the team. Thankfully, we have Lamela or Eriksen who can play there but it really is heartbreaking to lose such an important and good player.

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View attachment 37386
View attachment 37385
With 7 players signing new contracts, we balance the books by letting 7 players go, 6 of them on loan. Most of these lads will have a place in the first team when they develop a little more, while Rose just wanted to leave following his lack of playing time last season. This does leave me with a bit of an issue at left-back, as Davies is our only proper left back now. Walker-Peters can play there but not as a first team player, and Vertonghen could also play there but is much better as a centre back so it should be interesting to see how we fare this season.

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View attachment 37383
The World Cup 2018 ends in style for England, who lose in the final. It's an achievement to have gotten to the final in the first place to be honest, but of course the players will be disappointed not to have won it. Dembélé, Vertonghen and Alderweireld all come back as World Cup winners, with Kane coming back with the Golden Ball.

View attachment 37382
Despite our 2nd place finish last season, our lack of spending this summer and last summer has clearly impacted where the bookies think we'll finish. We're predicted to finish all the way down in 5th, still ahead of Arsenal. It should be an interesting season for sure, with some key players we had last season now gone and having to rely on younger players who might not necessarily be Premier League ready yet.

View attachment 37381
We have certainly asserted ourselves as one of the top teams in the league though with a Community Shield win! It's the first time since the shared trophy in 1991/92 with Arsenal that the club has won the Community Shield, and as it comes in the same year we won both the Carabao and FA Cup, I'm hoping it's a sign of things to come next season!

View attachment 37380
Our pre-season as a whole was not the best, but we had plenty of games to get the lads fit and get the World Cup players back in full fitness for the start of the season. Our opener is against Huddersfield away from home, before we play our first home game at the New White Hart Lane against Manchester City. That should be an interesting game...

View attachment 37379View attachment 37378
Eric Dier continues his incredible form from last season through to pre-season. He had a great World Cup, making 7 appearances, one assist and average 7.09 throughout the competition, and I'm so glad to see him bring this kind of form back with Tottenham now. I want to do him and the other players proud now, and for Eric that means getting to the Champions League quarter-final so let's hope we can do that!
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August 2018

View attachment 37376
A fantastic start to our Premier League season with a big away win against Huddersfield! All our English boys in Dele, Harry and Eric carried on their incredible World Cup form into this match which was fantastic to see. Next up is Manchester City at home, let's hope we can get a result against them!

View attachment 37375
Another great result for us considering the spending power of Manchester City... We left it late but I'll absolutely take a point against one of the best sides in the league. Eriksen is the one who showed up today but we had plenty of other good performances from the rest of the squad and I'm very happy with these two opening games.

View attachment 37374
Two games in and we're unbeaten, which is a good thing I guess since only 6 teams are unbeaten! Chelsea are in trouble so far, I imagine Sarri will be under immense pressure given Chelsea's sacking culture...

View attachment 37373
Dele will miss our games against Watford and potentially Chelsea after sustaining a medium term injury during training. It's a little annoying as he was performing well so far but I guess someone will need to step in for him.

View attachment 37372
The 8th departure of the window is another loan one as Sterling will be going to Doncaster until the January window. I don't know if he'll ever have the quality to play for the first team but it's better to develop him for sure, considering our only two good strikers right now are Kane and Llorente and if one of them leaves or gets injured, we'll be in big trouble.

View attachment 37371
This is literally my worst nightmare. Last season we had Barcelona in our group, this season it's Dortmund AND Juventus (who knocked us out in the 1st knockout round last season) who we'll have to deal with... There's a familiar team in Anderlecht, who we faced in the group stages last season as well and beat once while drawing in the other match against them. Fair to say we have a difficult Champions League campaign ahead of us.

View attachment 37370View attachment 37369
Lucas really has been a gem since last season and to see him earn the Spurs player of the month for August is great. He's been a key player as a right midfielder in the team and I'm hoping this form will carry over into the Champions League now, where we'll really need it.
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September 2018

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View attachment 37263
A decent result away from home against Chelsea, who are one of the better sides in the league. We were without Harry Kane as he got a long-term injury earlier this month which is heartbreaking. Llorente will be our main man for the time being...

View attachment 37262
It was a really difficult away game to start off with in the Champions League but a 92nd minute winner from Dele means we get all 3 points and start off our season in Europe very well. Reus might've been the man of the match, but it clearly wasn't enough.

View attachment 37261
A great victory in the Carabao Cup against a good Everton side who gave us a bit of trouble but we managed to come back to 2-2 by half time and get the win in the second half. It should be a very interesting game in the next round as we've been put up against... Manchester United.

View attachment 37260
We managed to send out one last player on loan in the last few hours of the transfer window as this is our 8th loan departure of the window. Roles has potential to play a few first team games but I doubt he'll actually end up playing that many in the future, hence why he's been sent on loan.

View attachment 37259
View attachment 37258
Chelsea's misfortunes continue, as we sit in 5th following a pretty decent month apart from that Newcastle defeat. I certainly hope for better performances next month as Kane should be back fully fit soon after the month starts, and hopefully he can do a good job against Juventus in our next Champions League game as well!

View attachment 37257View attachment 37256
Lucas had another fantastic month throughout September and he's really turning out to be a key player on the right hand side in the team! When I arrived at Tottenham, I wasn't expecting to play him that often but he's really been a huge player for this team. His training as a right midfielder has made him become better and better in that role so I'm really impressed by him.
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October 2018

View attachment 37124
A world-class performance from the lads as we come out from two really tough games with 6 points, which couldn't make me happier. Kane and Winks started the second half so well and it eventually led to us winning the match, thanks to a 92nd minute goal from Alli once again. We're looking really good for the rest of the group stages now, especially as our next two games are against Anderlecht and should allow us to get some points!

View attachment 37123
As many wins as games in the Champions League so far with another away win! A great start to the competition from us and I hope we can keep this going until after the group stages if we make it out!

View attachment 37122
Our last big game of the month against United wasn't a great one, but I guess it was payback/revenge from them after we beat them in the Community Shield. An okay performance from us which will hopefully not bring down our morale and lead to more bad results in November.

View attachment 37121
View attachment 37120
More first team injuries as Vertonghen and Winks are now going to be hanging out with the medical staff for a while. I really think I should start rotating the team more to avoid injuries, I just can't help but stick to the saying "don't change a team that wins"... I guess we'll see how that works out once I do rotate the team!

View attachment 37119
View attachment 37118
Sitting in 6th after a pretty dire month. Our win against Bournemouth was decent, but the two draws that followed really didn't help us. We finished 2nd last year and I'm certainly hoping for another top 3 finish this season but at this rate, I might have to adjust my expectations a bit.

View attachment 37117View attachment 37116
No one performed incredibly well this month to be honest, but Harry scored a few goals and definitely had the biggest impact on the team which is why he earns the Spurs player of the month for October. Let's hope he can push on and we can as well now and climb up the table.
View attachment 37102

November 2018

View attachment 37101
View attachment 37100
Another great victory in Europe means we stay unbeaten and make it out of the group! It's now up to us to finish first or second.

View attachment 37097
Another defeat to United sees us tumble down the table and doesn't give me much hope ahead of our game against Arsenal at the Emirates later this month.

View attachment 37096
A horrendous defeat to our rivals means we drop down to 9th and Arsenal will have the bragging rights until the next game against them. What a terrible result honestly... Hopefully December will be better for us.

View attachment 37095
Yet another fantastic performance in Europe really does make us the best side in a group with both Dortmund and Juventus! Incredible stuff. I just wish we would take this form against some amazing teams in Europe to the Premier League, where we really could use all the help we can get.

View attachment 37093
One of the most key players in this side in Lucas is out for most of next month. Considering the amount of games we play in December, it's a real shame to lose him for most of these games as we don't really have anyone who can properly play as a right midfielder in this team...

View attachment 37092
View attachment 37091
View attachment 37090
We're guaranteed top spot in our group in the Champions League after winning 5 games from 5, which is incredible considering the opponents we faced in this group. We're 10th in the Premier League however, which is a big issue right now and could cost me my job if we don't turn things around. This month was horrible for us in the Premier League with 3 defeats from all 3 games so let's hope we can turn things around in December.

View attachment 37089View attachment 37088
I'll certainly be counting on Eric to play as well as he has in the last month despite some really bad performances from the team. Dier has honestly been one of the best, if not the best, player in this side since I took over at Tottenham and I can't believe he's not actually asked for a new contract yet. For a 25-year old in his prime to be on £60,000 a week in the Premier League is almost unheard of. I won't complain though, he's performing incredibly well and I really do think he could take us to a Champions League quarter-final if he keeps playing this well!
View attachment 36941
A disappointing defeat against Juventus in our last game. It doesn't mean anything as we still come out of the group as the leaders but it would've been nice to finish the group stage campaign undefeated.

View attachment 36938
Another horrible defeat despite going 1-0, as we get smashed 4-1 by Liverpool at home and continue our terrible season in the Premier League. Sitting in 12th, my job really could be in jeopardy if I don't try to improve things, especially considering how well we did last season!

View attachment 36937
It seems like our bad run is never going to end with a defeat, at home once again, against Everton to end 2018. What a terrible start to the season... Not making any signings is turning out to be a lot tougher than I anticipated.

View attachment 36935
A new huge contract for Alderweireld, who keeps asking for more money every 6 months. Considering his quality, I guess I don't mind so much but he's 30 years old and it's a little crazy that he's earning £215,000 more than Eric Dier.

View attachment 36933
View attachment 36932
View attachment 36931
Three first team injuries once again as it seems like I might not last until the end of January. With all these big players out of the team and some huge games coming up, we really could struggle and go even lower in the table. Oh boy...

View attachment 36930
View attachment 36929
We're not actually so far off the top 5 and with a couple of good results for us and other results going our way, we could make it there. Considering our form, injuries and performances though, I am genuinely worried that I'll be getting sacked next month.

View attachment 36928View attachment 36927
Davinson Sanchez seems like the only one actually trying to get me to keep my job, as he's turning out to be one of the best centre-backs in the league. Let's hope that continue and let's hope everyone else picks up a bit of form too so we can really get this season started now.
View attachment 36750

January 2019

View attachment 36749
Great, another bad result. All of our hard work to finish 2nd last season now seems worthless as we languish in the bottom half of the table, which is just unacceptable.

View attachment 36748
This win might have saved me my job for now as we quite easily beat Chelsea to end January on a good note. It's been a horrendous month so a good result is more than welcome for sure.

View attachment 36747
View attachment 36746
A little over halfway through our season now, we're going to have to work VERY hard to get back into European places or at least in the upper half of the table to save our season. Next month sees us play against PSG in the Champions League 1st Knockout Round, Everton in the FA Cup and some smaller Premier League teams. February will be either the month that sees me get sacked, or hailed as a hero. Let's hope it's the latter.

View attachment 36745View attachment 36744
Davinson Sanchez gets the Spurs player of the month award once again after some decent performances. As I said last month, he seems like the only player willing to work hard to make me keep my job and I'm so grateful for that. Let's hope that continues for the rest of the season.
View attachment 36743

February 2019

View attachment 36742

The time has come now for the board to set me a points target... After losing to Everton following a 1-1 draw in the initial 4th round game, they want me to get 10 points from the next 5 games. What are those next 5 games? Wolves at home, PSG away, Southampton away, Leicester at home and Manchester United away... Let's just say it won't be easy.

View attachment 36741
It was a very tight match and we got the away goal which is great, but it's not a win. I need the points and after beating Wolves 4-0 in my first game of 5, we're on 3 points with 3 games left. That means 2 wins and a draw or 3 wins to reach the target set by the board. Oh boy...

View attachment 36740
View attachment 36739
Still not doing well in the league and on the brink of a Champions League exit, this could very well be the end of my career as Tottenham manager.

View attachment 36738View attachment 36737
Lucas, who has been a key player in the side since my arrival, continues to impress. He had 2 months previously where he didn't perform, but he's back at it again today and it's great to see. I just hope now that his good performances carry over and earn us 7 points in the next 3 games like I need to do.

View attachment 36736

March 2019

View attachment 36735
To reach 100 games as manager of any club is always an achievement, but to be able to do that with my favourite team is even more incredible. I just hope I can extend my stay here with a few good results now...

View attachment 36733
View attachment 36732
View attachment 36731
Some fantastic news from the academy as we sign 3 new youngsters, all incredibly promising and in key positions in the team. With Llorente retiring at the end of the season, we needed a new striker and have that in Farrar. Betinelli is a young English left-winger to be a backup for Heung-Min Son and Lambert is a replacement as an attacking midfielder for Eriksen and Alli! Let's hope next year we can get a whole new defence too!

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A disappointing defeat and that's 3 points or even a point that we can't have. I was stupid earlier and thought the board included that PSG game in the 5 games we needed 10 points in but I guess they just wanted 10 points in our next 5 league games. With a win against Southampton and a draw against Leicester, we're on 7 points. We lost this one meaning we have just one game to get 3 points. Our opponent? Fulham next month...

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A HUGE achievement as we beat PSG 3-1 at New White Hart Lane and go through to the Champions League quarter-final! Eric Dier and Harry Kane are now happy to stay at the club which is fantastic and how about that for Farrar scoring on his debut, in the Champions League, against PSG to become the youngest goalscorer in Champions League and Tottenham history!

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It would be horrible for me to get sacked with these new youngsters in the team, who are looking so exciting, and a Champions League quarter-final tie against Bayern to look forward to. The deciding game of my fate at the club is against bottom of the league side, Fulham. A London opponent. Please let us win this game!!!

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Eriksen finally gets the Spurs player of the month after a year and a half of hard work. He's one of the best players at the club so it's great to see him perform at the highest level and hopefully he can turn up for our game against Fulham next month.
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April & May 2019

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Phew... We win against Fulham which means I get to keep my job for a little while longer!!! It was a very stressful time and it's been a stressful season so to be honest, I can't wait for it to end already.

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A win in a huge game for us really should give us confidence now for the last few games of the season. And boy does it feel good to have Son back by the way.

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We just weren't good enough to get past Bayern in the end. They're a fantastic side so fair play to them, we'll be cheering for them to go on and win the whole thing now to feel a little better about ourselves!

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With 3 games to go, we can either finish in 8th or 9th. Regardless, it's been a very disappointing season so I just want it to end now.

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A couple of new contracts at the club means we get to keep some important players here, which we desperately need after this season. On top of that, we don't have many backups for a lot of the key players in the side so it would be heartbreaking to see them go. Thankfully, these new contracts should do the trick for now.

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It's nice to get the support of the fans in this difficult time, that's for sure! Considering the season we just had, I was expecting them to chant at home games telling me to leave but they mostly seem to want me here, so I hope I can do them proud next season.

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Well, a bad result against Palace in our last game means we drop points and finish in 9th in the Premier League, just behind London rivals West Ham. I'm done with this season now, don't want to talk about it, mention it again, or just ever think about it. We need to move on and do better next season. The board has already met with me and wants 10 points from our opening 5 games next season and with no European football to think about and focus on, we should definitely be able to get all these points.

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These player statistics really do go show how poor we've been this season. Lucas made more assists this season than the last actually, so he's been one of the only players who actually did really well but other than that, Kane's 25 goals just don't compare at all to his 49 in 57 games last season... Sánchez wins the young player of the season once again as he seems destined to for now, since there aren't any young players who really have been incredible so far. Anyways, that's it for my second season in charge of Tottenham, I'm taking a little break now to progress in my Villa save and I'll be back soon with my 3rd season in charge which will hopefully be a better one than this one just past.