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Tottenham FC

Mar 21, 2013
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My FM story is soo [email protected] I think.I have bin managing Tottenham fc in fm 12 and am in the year 2037. I have lifted d F.A cup 10 times'community shield 18,12 league cups,15 EPLs,european champ.cup 10 times,euro super cup 8tumes and 9 club world cups.that's a total of 83 cups soo far in my 25 years in charge of tottenham
Cheating is even out of it..am soo addicted to this game...ave got a stadium named after me...estimated value of 1.01B the problem is I am still not the richest club.begind real madrid nd barca.

The problem is that I ave bin unable to increase my stadium capacity which is 65000 wch has bin built since 2021..the option to seek for increase @ d board room doest even come up for selection and I usually average a selout of abt 19 every season...this am sure has reduced my finances to be d most richest club.and d club collects a ticket fee of just £27.5 compared to that of realmadrid which is £36.3...please what should I do