Jan 8, 2011
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i've just started with spurs, first season just started, 10 games undefeated, including a 10-0 win over leeds, 1-0 win frst game of the season with 10 men against the dirty Arsenal and a superb 2-0 win against Chelski second game of the season. I have only made 2 signings so far, lukaku and kadlec, which the latter has been superb so far. I havent done too much behind the scenes, i have got in my own coaches and got rid of a few, but im playing a normal 4-4-2 in the league and 424 in the CL with bale and lennon inside forwards. Ive got around £11 million left to spend, unless i get rid of the dead wood which i attempting to do. Whats the best players / player to buy with this money to sure up my side?? I wanted welliton but hes not on my database :mad:. I feel im missing some class at left back unless im playing bale there. Also is sissoko from PSG worth the money at 9.5m??? COYS!
i have just done my first season with Spurs and won the league and the league cup! I bought Baines for £10.25m to allow Bale to attack more, sold a few dead wood and made a couple of £1m signings, Kadlec, Thiago Alves and Billy Sharp
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Sign a backup DC, and a decent striker such as Saurez, Dzeko, or Hulk :)
Park Chu Young for Monaco.
Is incredible as a dlf. Scores about 20-25 a season and gets about 12 assists.
just found jorge valdivia from palmeiras, hes 4 stars, looks class! mite take a risk and bid for the chap
Sissoko from PSG is well worth the money....has got player of the season 4 year in a row for me (y) top class x
10-0 against Leeds!? :O
Sissoko is worth £9.5M by the way