Feb 21, 2011
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I have a question about training and CA/PA of players.
In training you increase your players stats and make sure they dont drop. The question i have is the following: 1 point of CA/PA= 1 stat point?
Ex: Player X with CA= 140 and PA=180 and Passing=15 increases his Passing skill from 15>16 that means his CA increases by 1 as well from 140 >141?
Thank you and hope someone will enlight me on this :)
hmm, no :)
Phisical attributes req more ability points than mental and technical, and mental req more than technical. This is 100% correct
now, I think ( not sure) if one phisical stat goes from 15>16, his CA would increase by 3.
Pace from 15>16
CA from 150>153
Im not sure about this.
This is an issue im trying to solve for a long time.I watched this forum closely a long time and i found alot of usefull things but this i couldnt find it.
i think 1CA not equal to 1 stat point.. i try to find the relation between this for so long... and still haven solved.
but i do realize that influence cause lot of CA, while aggression bravery flair determination doesn't cost any CA(i could be wrong)
Raikan i already read that tutorial and the worst part is that many of my youngsters wont accept the tutoring even if i put my best players to tutor them.They are so hard headed...so i decided to loan them at teams they get 1st squad matches.I dont have smart kids or wonderkids at club and i dont bother to much.There 2-3 that may be good for the league i play in( Romanian 1st Division with Rapid Bucharest) but i tooked promising youths on loan with future buy option for low prices.Im going to play in champions league next season so i will get alot of $$.(alot for my league and team :)) ).
Still im trying to figure out how CA /PA works :/

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Sorry for double posting but i tryed something and the results confused me more.
In editor Hamsik has 158 CA and the summ of his skills is 544.Messi has 193CA and summ of skills 564 and Romeo Alessandro from Ascoli has 100 CA and sum of skills 422.They are all 23 years old.No way 1 CA=1Skill point for any of them.I believe the calculation of CA/PA is different, and higher the skill is higher CA eats.
I divided the summ of skills and CA and i got the following:
Messi: 2,92 skill/point of CA
Hamsik: 3,44 skill/point of CA
Alessandro 4,22 skill/point of CA
I still cant figure out how the CA/PA calculation works but one thing is certain higher level skills such as+15 need more CA than a+10 skill.
So i can only say that a player can reach his full potential faster if you train his best skills than if you train his weaker skills.It doesent matter what type of skill is(Mental,Tehnical or Physical),and only the skill level.So players that are born with very high skills should be trained at theyr weaker skills so the development is better and the player gets more ballanced.
This is just my ideea about the CA/PA.I dont know if its good or wrong but based on the results i can say for sure that training regims has to be made individual for every player not only by their position.
I didnt asked for game tutorials.I asked about game mechanics.I know what skills do or what training regims improve.I want to try and figure out the CA/PA system for a better development :p.