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Nov 7, 2009
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Hello, i was just wondering if anyone else had some thoughts on FM2011 training, basically on my previous FM2011 games i've loved josh mceachran & Amine, but ive started a new game and there determination dropped big time, they wer both on 14 determiantion before, now there both on 6, i know u can only GAIN determination thru player tutution, i very rarely see determination increase without using this, i was just wondering if anyone has anyways which they have IMPROVED determination with any other method but that, AND is the best way to gain determination thru the ( As a senior member of the squad + tution ) the best way to teach it, thats the only one i have used, Any Tips wud be good, seen as i have time on my side with these youngsters both 17,
much :wub:
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