Training / development problem or bug?


Oct 20, 2009
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I'm patched to 11.2.1 and cannot for the life of me get any joy out of training / development. I've bought a series of very young players (U19) with high potential (say 4-5 stars) and naturally low current ability (1-2 stars). Now I do get some positive gains (diagonal up arrows) throughout the season BUT its i) not enough to offset the inevitable deterioration during the post season holiday and ii) dont understand when my players do improve, sometimes the coaches assessment of them drops! (e.g. from 2 stars to 1.5). I can understand the potential ability falling if I'm not maximising their training but not their current ability in the rare cases when they do improve.

I have what I think are good coaches and note that for each of the 7/8 categories (aerobics, strength etc) the lowest star rating I have is 4 and coaches workload is light for all. All my players are happy with their training and have workload set to Medium (just one notch or so before heavy). Can anyone advise me on whats going wrong? Also I've heard differing stories on whats important for first team coaches, can anyone rank the order of importance of these...I'm assuming its..

1. Man Mgt
2= Determination + Motivation + Discipline
3. the specific area you want the coach to train e.g. tactics.

I'm using DK's training schedules (which everyone seems to rave about).

I personally always have the training set to high, a single notch down from very high. As long as your players are happy, especially the youth ones, the benefits far outweigh the fatigue.
Could just be that the players seemed to have bright futures but just stalled in their development? Tutoring also goes a long way into developing players, as does their determination.
As far as coach assessments go, I wouldn't trust them. They depend on a lot of things, including hidden attributes that sometimes translate to nothing more than a mediocre player. Also, keep in mind, changes in your first team, even just the natural growth of players there, can alter coach assessments of youngsters. They always compare a player to the current ability of your best player in that position.
i use Ian C's training schedules and they work great for me
I use Ian C's training too, which I think is great. Made my own training schedules, but they were terrible & gave my bad training performances.

With Ian's, practically every player get some good training in, as it's set to just below high, so you still get that intense training regime, but not ridiculously high.
I've noticed that if you keep your match preparation at maximum , you wont see much improvement from your players in training . Keep the workload to average or just leave it to your assistant . Dont read too much into those coach ratings . From what I've noticed they do the ratings on the performances of the players on the pitch . Two or three months of good performances could see their rating increase and vice versa . Maybe its co-incidental but I dont really read too much into 1.5 star CA and 2 star CA .