Apr 1, 2012
Reaction score

I was just wondering why this happens to players this is, just a example of someone in my under 18's but it also happens atleast twice a month to players in my main squad and i just don't know why. I mean all there training is adequate good coaches etc not being over worked because they all say there a fine or pleased with workload even if it is on heavy with individual training its just anooying me slightly that players have whole stat drops
This is the difference between real life and FM as here, its all about numbers. These red arrows indicate that their skills have gone down and the next day they can have gone up again but in real life, no player gets measurred this frequent regarding skills. This mostly happends when you have little time for training when playing many matches the player is not picked for/used as a sub ( like if letting the players rest the day free the match and use match prep the day before.) One just have to accept that it works this way, just like it would when one is trying to loose some weight ( one day slightly down, next day slightly up but that its the end result that counts )

Personally, I never look at the green and red arrows bu instead at the actuall numbers, using the chart to see their progress over 24 months.