Jun 7, 2012
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Hey lads, now ive been playing fm for about 4-5 years and never really came across this problem... anyway lets get to it...

Im currently on my 6-7 season with Sevilla and have pretty solid training facilities etc but maybe after every month or 2 about 20-25% of my players in my senior squad will decrease in stats and this isnt 29+ or injured this is 21-26 year olds who get lots of game time and its normally like 8-15 attributes all with the red arrow at the one time and i dont understand why this is occurring i know obviously every player isnt going to develop all the time but ive been noticing it the past 2-4 seasons and don't feel it should happen so much, its bugging me so much and im hoping you guys can help.

I know it may be alot to read but please any hints or tips or ideas to help me out is much appreciated! i had more to say but have forgotten haha! but any help would be great guys!

Cheers, Sam.
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I read and commented on a thread just like this yesterday but I can't find it, basically they are young and slacking. You as their manager have to review your entire training schedule and their performance on a weekly basis. If they are not attending or training as expected you need to talk to them and inform them that you expect an improvement. This should kickstart them again.