Training Preferred Moves - Minimum Requirements

Sep 1, 2015

Just wondering if there is any sort of guide stating the requirements a player would need to successfully learn a PPM - for example to learn the Long Flat Throw a player must have at least 14 Long Throws

I've taken over West Brom in the Championship at the minute and have gone for a counter attacking team with two rapid inside forwards (Alexander Esswein and Rolando Aarons) and come flying forward but then it slows down once they reach the final third - so I'm wanting to train them both and Alex Pozuelo to learn to play one-twos hoping it will allow for a higher tempo.

I keep getting told that the coach doesn't think they can learn this so need to know what stats they need to train first.
Oct 2, 2015
for one-twos you need:
timing the one-two: decisions, teamwork
making the pass: passing, technique
for the run before receiving: acc, pace, offtheball, anticipation
receiving: firsttouch, agility, balance
But, i have seen many players without these learn the move, and i have seen a few with great attributes not being able to learn it.
Btw i have also seen a few players learn a preffered move in less than a week after the coach said they wouldnt be able to learn it at all (but started teaching it because i had insisted), so i say dont mind your coaches too much