Jan 4, 2010
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Hello guys I have recently acquired Eden Hazard and I am looking to get Thorgan Hazard as well, but regarding the training exciting youth players which I believe these are two...is there any good downloadable training/schedules? I believe Dan and Tugs have not done one for FM 2011 but I could be wrong?

Thanks for any help.
Try IanC's schedules. They're pretty good although personally I prefer a lot higher workload than the default in those. And you don't have to post the same question in almost every thread.
lmao i forgot i made a thread about this before... but i did try those and felt they didnt really improve anything much over the course of a few seasons...however they were good injury wise.
I downloaded them when they were still in the testing stage and as I said I raised the total workload, as I've always done on FM, to one notch under heavy. And remember you need good coaches, facilities and match practice too to develop young players.
No-one knows but them. making a schedule that works is a time consuming project, as you need to extensively test it before release.
Hmm I think it is possible worth trying to make my own so I know exactly how it is set etc.

Thanks for the help though guys!
Can anyone tell me which folder I place the schedules in on a Mac, please?
I've got training schedules for GK, Def, Mid, DM;s and Strikers. How can I upload them to here so you can use them? They get your stats right up!
Corvette is right guys, other than the workload the schedules are fine once you heighten the workload to one notch under heavy. So far im starting to see signs of rapid stat growth on my Forwards Lukaku, Sanogo, Djuric and Silva, maybe the best way to avoid the players complaining is to start them off on the original stats from IanC schedules and gradually increase the workload... its like a tactic the players need to get used to it.