training youngsters (17-21y) on full-time schedules


Nov 13, 2010
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I didn't find a specific thread about this so I'll start a new one.

I have my own training schedules both full-time and youth, quite happy with that. But I was wondering how should I set specific schedules to get the best of youngsters on full-time schedules (17-21 years old)?

Maybe they should be more physical and technique oriented (attack or defence depending on position) with less tactic, as mental stats will grow with time and experience? or should it be the opposite? or leave those youngsters on my regular full time schedules?

any advice is welcome

Read this mate :) I know you want to develop your San Marinese youngster ;)

Thanks mate, you know I do :D

I have a promising CM developing nicely with tutoring and his youth schedule, but soon will be 17 and will start making bench apps, and I really want to get the best of him with his full time schedule.

The guide was helpful, still I'd like to get further advice :p. For example, when setting a specific full time schedule for a young defensive midfielder how should that be different from a regular DM schedule? I was thinking maybe more emphasis on physical/technical (mostly defending given the role) and less tactic at that young age?
Thanks I'll give it a try, though it's looking a bit complicated to me ;)
Thanks I'll give it a try, though it's looking a bit complicated to me ;)

Not much, once you download it, just enter your player's stats and the role you want to play him in. And the level of training, probably 2 as he's still young. Raise that to 1 when he's 19 or so. And well, just make his schedule accordingly