Transfer bid accepted, can't offer a contract? Please help.


Mar 9, 2013
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So I am managing Arsenal, I have already made signings but when I went to make a signing on the deadline day my offer was accepted but I could not offer a contract, when I went to 'Offer Contract' on the email, it showed what would normally be shown whilst waiting for an offer to be declined or accepted. Because it was a must respond email, this meant I couldn't carry on so I took a 1 day holiday, back from holiday I thought it may have been a deadline day bug so offered again, it was accepted and I had the same problem.

Basically I can't sign any players from now on, and I don't want to start a new save, so any help would be extremely helpful.
I hav ethe same problem but only with two players :/

If Sergi Roberto and Kiko Femnia get transfer listed by Barca B and they accept a transfer bid from me I can offer them a contract resulting in a one day holiday.

Im not sure about every player though cause I can sign any player besides those two mentioned ;)

Just asking if it was one of those two players?
Sergi Gomez from Barca B, and Moi Gomez for Villareal B, hmm.
I have the same issue with Moi Gomez, have a bid accepted, but cannot offer contract. This has to be a bug of some kind. If we cannot negotiate with the B team fine, but at least let us make an offer to the top team for his services.

Really want Moi Gomez, but looks like I am out of luck.
I've had the same problem twice, with french youth players. There is no explanation, other than "wait for your offer to be rejected/accepted". THEY HAVE ACCEPTED MY OFFER! This has to be a bug.
Only way to continue the game, is to quit the talks and forget about the player. Really, really annoying...
I sorted out how to offer to such "impossible" players!!!

You have to go to the team screen (such Castilla, Betis-B) and offer the transfer from here :)

For me, it works always!