Transfer Budgets After Champions League Qualification


Dec 31, 2012
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Right I've just qualified for the champions league finishing 3rd with cardiff city, but my board have given me a transfer budget of 10million. I think that is a shocking budget considering I'm in the champions league and I don't think ill be able to sign champions league calibre players with that budget. Was expecting much more?
What have your budgets been like after you qualified for champions league?
Will I get awarded any money off the champions league?
Champions League money comes in stages...7 mil ish when the groups are drawn, some match performance pots, and all the TV revenue comes in at the end of the season in May/June.

If you don't have the money yet you can't spend it.
Depends on each club, The bottom line is that if you have a healthy bank balance and make profits then the club will often give you a larger transfer budget ... It also depends on the chairman and his 'hidden stats'
What do you mean by hidden stats for the chairman?
If you go on a program such as genie scout or look up your chairman in the editor, he will have hidden stats that will influence decisions the board make and how they go about making them. Eg. One of the stats is resources which determines how much money the chairman is willing to put into the club...
Cardiff were not the richest of clubs, so the money is clearing debts and keeping the club running

If you qualify again and get a decent run in the comp, next season could be alot better 20 maybe 30 million, but it all depends on finances

you seen arsenal get 70million because they are already a rich club so could put more into a budget