Aug 10, 2009
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This season I finished 2nd, therefore securing champions league football for the first time in our history. Our budget for this year is a measly 4m after having a budget of around 15 - 20m prior to not getting a top 4 finish. I need to strengthen in CB, more so now with going into the champions league. There is two CB's I've been tracking last couple of seasons and both will cost around the 25m mark (A lot of cash, but looking for world class and these both have incredible stats and still young). So with 4m, I can't do that unless on monthly, which i'd prefer to stay clear from.

Basically Man United have come in for my right back. My back up right back. They offered me 15million so tested the water a little and eventually agreed a deal for 22.5million. Was too good to turn down. Deal was confirmed we paid 10% to the player as a clause, but I only got 2M from the transfer. I checked and we only got 10% transfer sales for the budget. This was due to the balance only just being above the red. A few days passed and it was the the fixtures and all the start of the new seasons stuff, tv deals, sponsorships etc. I checked again and my budget % went up to 100%. So thought I'd load up the save again and hold off the deal to united til this date. So I got the full 22.5m to spend. It stayed on 10% until the deal went through, So i'm guessing the 22m made the finances a bit more healthy so thats why it changed to 100% afterwards. So my plan of stalling the deal sort of didn't work.

I'm thinking to sell to united on a pay monthly deal for 48 months, and bring in one of the defenders with a upfront fee and pay monthly for around the same amount, maybe a little less. Would this basically equal out in terms of finances?

Cost = 25million over 48 months = 520k/month
Receive = 22.5million over 48 months = 468k/month
Total = -52k/month

If I can use the 4million as and upfront payment, I could in theory be making a profit and be better off. Which means i could also bring the months down a bit to increase the payments. So

Cost = 4m upfront fee, 21million over 24 months = 875k/month
Receive = 22.5m over 24 months = 936k/month
Total = 61k/month

Thoughts would be appreciated? I'm hoping I've got the maths right in terms of monthly payments. I will also have champions league revenue coming in this season. I'd obviously have to try and work a deal between all parties, but just want to ensure I won't be putting club into any financial strain.

If I've got it all right, Man united will be financing my purchase of a world class CB (H) plus given me extra. I may as well just tell united to pay Wolfsburg themselves :D
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who are you playing as? and what year you in? and what your doing will work out as far as i know.
I'm playing as Tranmere rovers and just finished the season 2020/2021. On the last day of the season, before the final games. Chelsea was top and spurs was 3rd. I was sitting in 4th. Any of the 4 teams could of won. It was crazy. Was gutted how it ended but was our highest position in the league so far and secured champions league which was main aim.


I'm going to see what deals on monthly I can set up later tonight and try and work it so I'm in profit from the deals each month. We still only have a 16500 seater stadium, which I think needs upgrading soon to increase our revenue.
So this is what deals went through. After re-negotiation with United, I decided that it would be a good idea to offer the player to other clubs. Instantly I got 4 offers. 2 offers for 16.5m one for 20.5m and one from AC Milan for 22.5m. I accepted the deal from AC Milan and Utd then came in with the 23m I negotiated with them. So accepted both offers. And my player picked AC. Rather he went abroad anyway :)

I then looked and scouted and compared the two defenders I was interested in, and decided to go for the younger, but more expensive CB, reports suggested he could improve a lot more where as the other CB was at his potential. The younger CB had more higher stats in the CB role than the other guy. So they had an asking price of 25.5m but wouldn't accept this over 24 months even with upfront costs. I decided to just pay 28m (release clause) and he signed on reasonable wages.

I knew this would mean I'm paying out more than I'm bringing in per month. So sold a rotation striker for 12.5m over 24 months.


RB - £22,500,000 over 24 months minus 10% fee to player = £20,250,000 = £843,750/month
ST - £12,500,000 over 24 months = £520,833/month
Total = £1,364,583/month

CB - £28,000,000 over 24 months = £1,166,666/month
Total = £1,166,666/month

Grand Total:
£1,364,583 - £1,166,666 = £197,917/month

Thought I'd do it over a shorter period so it gets of the books quicker. Anyway that serves the chairman for giving me a poor budget this year. Hoping to bring in a right back on loan and a AMR on loan to finish of the squad til Jan.
sounds good and a nice bit of business :) i done a save with brentford but could never get them out of league 1? any tips
My seasons in League 1 and the championship, solely relied on loans. I got Sidibe from Stoke on a 0 wage 0 loan fee deal for a season and he was basically why we got promoted.

I'm usually one to go hunting for the youth and play the youth players, but for lower leagues I went with experienced players. I've had players like Milan Baros, Crouch, Torres and Carlton Cole all join me over the years.

Tranmere at the start of the game had 4 decent long term loans in place before I took over. I got a centre back called Donevon Daniels from West Brom who was a rock in CB. I loaned him again 2 seasons later before finally purchasing him for 5million. He has been a solid defender for about 4 seasons now as my actual player. He didnt get called up for Monteserrat for age, despite being by far their best player. I think he was holding out for a England call that never came. Tranmere also have a decent squad of youthful players. I still have 3 of my original squad from league 1 and now in my tenth season. I'll name a couple, Max Power (sold last year), James Wallace ( A key member in my midfield still!), David Morgan (More backup but played a lot recently due to a midfield injury crisis), Cole Stockton (Sold last January), Owain fon Williams (still have him at the club as a backup keeper, was my number 1 for 6 years until I picked up Butland) Ash Taylor (Gutted he wouldn't sign a new deal, was key player for my defence for years),

Other tips would be to scout any released players from the big prem teams. I scouted a relased Abdi Ibrahim from City. He turned out class for me but eventually sold him about 2 years ago to bolster my midfield.

Hope that helps a little.
thank you might do another save see if i can get anywhere had done like 4 seasons romoted in my first 19th in my second 7th in my third one point off play offs :'( and then my last season go tto january and was like 18th so quit..
I got promoted first season, then spent two years in the championship. Promoted in 2nd place, just. But then got relegated from the prem in 19th after a poor season. We bounced straight back up and have been there ever since, finishing 13th, 8th and 2nd this year was our highest yet. I'm hoping for a top 4 finish again this season, if i can win the league that would be a bonus.

If you have a bad season, stick with it. Its taken me 8/9 seasons to get into the champions league spots, I've seen saves where people win the league within like 5 years. I don't know how they do it tbh. haha