Transfer window opens on 9th June???


Aug 27, 2010
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Okay I feel dumb for asking this, but why and since when the transfer window open on 9th June?and BEFORE the board give another budget too! I usually spend all my budget on the first transfer window so most definitely dont have money to buy players at that time. I mean, I can wait for the board to give a new transfer budget, but teams will go for players I want to buy! I miss out on Vaclac Kadlec to Sunderland because of this :mad:.

Also, will it be worth to save the money until the season is close to end as there are a lot of quality players unhappy and handing in a transfer request (well in my 1st season anyway and am hopeful it will be the same this season) coz it will be a bargain. Apparently, when I did get the new budget, they are not on the transfer list anymore, though some are still unhappy. There are still 10days left in the transfer window and I got 22M pound left to spend (after spending carefully on a player)..though I signed about 10players already, I still look to sign about 1 or 2 more for 10M. Thing is some of my target players unhappy, and I hope to look for some bargain. Do you think I should spend now or later? Also hopeful for Dzeko to hand in transfer request to avoid me spending 25M+ for him (he never did in my save in FM10 :mad:)

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Anyone please???
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I would save some money because when he comes to january do a filter search for players who contract end in 6 months and see what freebie u can pick up before the end of the season and if any luck if there in your shortlist they may offer to you for a knock down price!!

plus having money in the bank can help you adjust ur waged balance to ur transfer money!