Sep 6, 2009
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im managing AC Milan and, just started with the new transfer patch, and i am buying a who to buy, Lacina Traore or Moussa Sow...Sow has a better finishing, but Traore is 203cm tall and good in the air and he is younger **** more expensive, so who to buy?
yes, **** my choise came downt to those 2, and i can not make up my mind. For money that i have, those two are the best, **** who is better? :D
I like Traore, but I can not say ive ever played with Sow on fm13, he was a beast on fm12 though
I've managed neither, often thought about buying one of them. you could flip a coin
there are so many other players that are SO much better than these two mate, especially for the likes of Ac Milan!

It also completely depends on your system, they are two completely different types of strikers....

If I were to chose out of these two, I would have to say.... Traore