May 25, 2009
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Simple idea really.

Start a game & choose one player. You must then try to win 5 different leagues and 5 different cups in different countries with different clubs.

The only rule is that the player you named must be part of every first team lineup. For qualitative purposes, let's say he must play a full 90 minutes in at least 20 games per season.

If he gets injured, sold by a chairman.. too bad. You'll have to try again. If you can't buy him because he doesn't want to move clubs, or because he's too expensive.. too bad. Try again.

Choose your player wisely. Like I say, if he's too old he won't make it. If he's too young, he might not make the grade. If he's a rising star, he might become too expensive.

I'm about to start this now. Who's in?
You could make this a little harder by adding to it, you could also say that you have to take your backroom staff along for the ride!
Allowed to choose your staff at the first team you manage but then you have to take them to each club you go to after that!!
Just a thought...
yeah, what I wrote was just an initial idea, if anyone wants to add more to that & make a more difficult version then feel free. as long as you get the idea.