Jun 7, 2009
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Hi all sorry if this has been posted before but i made this tactic which started being fairly solid but with newcastles back line was always gonna concede against the big teams however i just noticed looking at cisse's scoring record is 5 goals out of 18 EPL starts but his scoring in europa league is equal to his EPL record with far less appearance's his passing record on avg is 75% but his scoring im most concerned with can anybody help. i have uploaded cisse's overall performance and my tactics can anybody help please

many thanks in advance.

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i must also note that cabaye is usually my AP and tiote is usually where cabaye is
Cabaye best position is cm, he doesnt has enough dribbling skills to play as AP, if i was you i would play both cabaye and tiote in CM and put Ben Arfa as AP
thanks for your comments i will try this thanks but on my game at mo he is with acon's