Trouble signing world class regens.


Nov 19, 2010
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After the youth intake in england i tried to sign the potentially best players, i offered them a proffesional deal and got them to sign it. Suddenly a few weeks later all of those players signed deals with their team, now when i try to buy them their clubs ask for unrealistic demands for those players. I am talking about 20 million euros for an unproven youngster? Strange part is that its only the english regens where i have this problem with, players from other eu nations did accept my contract offers.

Is there anything that i am doing wrong or do i need to offer them a better deal?
You didn't get them to sign anything, what you did was negotiate a contract that the agent/player was happy with, and then they sit on that contract for however long whilst weighing up their options. In the end in your case, they chose to stay with their current club to conduct their training as a youth, meaning you either didn't beat the offer of the original club or simply aren't quite as prestigious as you hoped.
The club then will jack up the price of the player because namely they have them on a long term contract as most young potential stars do. More years on the contract, higher price tag to steal them away. And then there's the fact that the club is selling its future; you wouldn't sell your young stars for less than a fortune would you?

It may be easier with abroad as the Premier League (assuming you are in the top league) is one of the draws being the top league in the world. Then the wages you offer are likely better, and finally if you don't have the foreign leagues loaded that the players are coming from, I believe it is easier to sign them or at least tempt them away from their current club.