Try this tactic! Very good and consistent, 5-3-2!


Jan 28, 2010
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After playing 4 seasons with Chelsea using the tactic of Mr. Langvatn (thank you sir, i won PL 4 times in a row).

After awhile it gets boring using someone else's tactic. I tried tweaking other's tactic but it never worked, so I decided to make one myself.

It's been doing wonders for me so far (early stages of season 2019-2020).
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Its a 5 - 3 - 2 tactic.
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Set General Training to:
Default Focus: Balanced
Default Intensity: Very High

More Match Training

Match Training:
Default Focus: Tactics Only
and tick "Allow rest after match"

Tell me how it goes. I really want to know if this tactic will also work for you guys! (please be gentle, I'm no master tactician) :)

This tactic is very new and I will let you know the results as it rolls!

NOTE: Don't use the middle CD to take throw ins, he will bag some goals from throw long throw ins! :D

*NEWS 20.2.13

After the Aston Villa game (see fixtures table above), which my team won 6-1, this is what happened:
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After the game against West Ham. The stat-sheet of the game against Plymouth and against a more formidable opponent, L'pool:
View attachment 312708 View attachment 312713

We literally SHUT Swansea down, closed the shop, parked the bus, plane or what ever you want to call it xD
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Just 1 shot attempt! against my team!

Unlocked this achievement with this tactic:
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I even received the manager of the month award for January:
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*NEWS 21.2.13

Tactic has been tweaked for better defense and possession!

Latest Match Stats using 4th Phase:
View attachment 313182 View attachment 313192 View attachment 313200 View attachment 313203

Another ​SHUT DOWN performance using 4th Phase:
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*NEWS 22.2.13

Fixtures so far (Season 2020-2021):
View attachment 313360

Trouncing of City:
View attachment 313372

The table so far using 4th Phase:
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*Most scoring team; with 37 goals, and one of only 2 teams with 10 Ag! Giving my team the beast G.D. with +27!
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Normally i always play with low lvl teams in inferior divisions. After tried the 5 , 6 top tactics in this site this one gave me the best results...good work.
Good to hear mikoeltuno.

At the latter stages of season 2019-2020, I felt that the defense was not working very well. My team started to concede 1-3 goals in some matches, but we managed to win PL, FA CUP and Champions Cup in the end.

It is the start of a new season and as of now i am trying to figure out how to make the defense better.

Still works on the the new patches? 13.3.3...
Have you tried to use this as a mid-table team as a new save?

Some people might be put off (myself included) that because your game is so advanced in terms of seasons that your team is well gelled and might not work as well in a new save which most people do when trying tactics.

Will keep an eye on the thread though!