Aug 14, 2012
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Hey there..

After a lot of failures i am now seeking help in creating my own tactics. I am planning to run 2 tactics, 1 for games against opponents of similar strenght or lower, and 1 for tough away games and against stronger opponents.

The first tactic will be a 4-2-3-1 with cm's and wingers. The second will be 4-4-1-1, similar to the the first one just pulling back the wingers.

I am a fan of counter attacking football, and Jose Mourinho in general. I don't need possesion as long i am dangerous when i am in it.

I believe that Mourinho either plays Rigid or Very Rigid style of play and Counter as the strategy. Now the part where it fail the most. Passing style, i think the teams Mourinho manage is playing with direct passing, but i simply cant get it to work out well, it seems like i am not finishing the attack because of bad passes.

Defense like i find Mourinho's sides press up the pitch. Closing down quickly, but i cannot manage to do this properly, without making my defense worse.

Thanks for reading and i would really appreciate all the help i could get making a structured tactic with deadly counter attacks.