Trying to make my own kits


Jul 22, 2013
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Hi BigK63,

Very smart. I especially like the Bedlington Terriers home with the yellow stripes echoing the design of the team badge. Reminiscent of the great Melchester Rovers (...ask your dad, or Google it).

I'd like a custom home and away for Bognor Regis Town of the Isthmian Premier League, if you'd be so kind. I'll leave the design up to you but please retain their basic club colours.

Home: Mainly white with light green
Away: Mainly light blue with dark blue
Kit manufacturer: Asics or Joma or Macron
Main sponsor: Seasons (Seasons, Bognor fc, Hall for hire, Entertainment Corporate Events, Private Functions, Weddings, Theme nights, Live Football)

Thank you.
Hey BigK,

Very smart and stylish Bognor Regis kits. I like the fact that they are realistic - I could genuinely imagine them playing in this kit. Good decision to go for the horizontal banding to accommodate the main sponsor on the Asics versions. In fact, I like all of these kits - especially the Billingham Synthonia. The Montreal is better than their real shirt. I have put them all into my game.

When I downloaded them, they came in at 200 x 200 pixels as .jpg files with white backgrounds. I have reformatted them to 220 x 220 pixels as .png files with transparent backgrounds so they all look good in my ongoing game.

I am about 52 clubs shy of having realistic kits for every club in England down to and including the Northern Premier Div1 Nth/Sth, Isthmian Div1 Nth/Sth and Southern Div1 Central/SthWest. I hope to make use of the skills of yourself and some other guys with kits request threads to collect them all. So, if you're willing, please have a go at Chorley home/away.

(ignore the anniversary bit)
Home: Black-and-white stripes
Away: FM2013 says Blue with white trim ; new kits is red - so up to you (same link as above)
Kit manufacturer: Asics or Joma or Macron
Main sponsor: Take your pick from the two shown in the link above.

I like kits that are realistic, rather than accurate - so you decide how close/far you go from their real kit.

Thank you.
Nice work again, BigK, on the Chorley shirts - thank you!
Thanks a lot buddy. If anyone has request, just tell me and I'll do my best to make kits for you.