Trying to sell players ruins everything!


Jan 22, 2011
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Im at Newcastle and I've got at least 4 right backs, 4 centre-mids, 3 keepers and 4 strikers and my wage budget is £770,000 and im using £766,000, so i need to drop some players as contract renewels are coming up and wages tend to go up.

So i put Lovenkrands, Barton, S. Taylor and Harper on Transfer list to generate money and help with the wage situation.

All this does is create havoc, next day at least 6 people are unhappy.

The players are totally unreasonable. I have no need for Barton because I've got Nolan, Tioté, Smith etc. and he is being payed £70,000 a week!

What can I do to make things better? as my squad harmony is pretty f*cked up lol
Just use the player interaction when they're unhappy. Tell them you run things round here etc, go mad at them, 90% of the time they'll back down if they know what's good for them.

I'm assuming they're unhappy because the players you're selling are in their favoured personnell list, or the club's list.
You rate Tiote over Barton? Tiote is absolute **** in FM Barton is much better than him
Cant sell routledge due to lack of wingers.
Barton is not doing well and is being payed a ridiculous amount of money for playing badly for a relegation candidate team and Tioté is playing quite well.