Apr 29, 2012
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So I have taken over at TSG 1899 Hoffenheim after watching a Bundesliga match on TV.

After doing some research I was well impressed and inspired by them. They only played their first professional league game in 2007-08 season. in that season they finished 2nd and gained automatic promotion to the Bundesliga for the very first time.

This rise in German football was down to the club legend Dietmar Hopp who pumped his money into the club.
They play in the 30,150 Rhein-Neckar-Arena. Only playing their first game there on 31 January 2009.
As to date in FM12 they have only been the Bundesliga for 3 seasons, finishing 7th, 11th and 11th.

This club with the right direction could be big, VERY BIG. They have no debt and are worth £67million. They also have Excellent training and State of the Art Youth!! The only other club in the Bundesliga to have State of the Art Youth is FC Bayern Munchen.

Despite all this good they do only have a media prediction of 7th again for the 2011-12 season.
The team also has its critics, saying that due to Mr Hopp's money, they have no real 'tradition' and a proper fan base as the club is a historically insignificant side from a village of just 3,300 inhabitants.

So my aims :-
Get this team competing for the title
Win the Bundesliga
Become the most reputable club in Germany
Win the Champions League
Win anything else(we only have 1 trophy, a third/fourth tier league win)
Use the great Youth set up to get a team full of local heros.

I may add other aims as I go along.... C'mon the Hoffe
:wub: :DI am using a transfer update with all the transfers from the 2014 summer transfer window.

Not a bad pre-season at all really. Played 5 Won 5. Scored 20 Conceded 2.
Ok so there were no real big teams or major threats in my warm ups, but good results breed a winning mentality.

Only 3 new players came into the club. Mainly due to transfer funds and wage budget. I did get them all on free transfers and they are all decent signings.

SOTIRIS KYRGIAKOS a great solid CB. He will really strenghten us at the back

TIM WIESE a fantastic GK got him on a free, his value is straight up to £6million.

HUGO ALMEIDA ok not a world beater at ST but adds quality to my front line for free..

On to the season now then......


Well it was an okay season I guess.

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As you can see we finished in 7th, but outside of any Euro places. If the season taught me anything it was that my first 11 + subs were good, but the rest of my squad is shockingly lacking.
Once the winter break came, injuries, suspensions and a dip in form really got to us. We were sat in 1st at the break after 17 games but then it all went down hill.

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I was hoping to hold on to a top 6 place to get the extra money European football would bring. Once I got knocked out in the semis of the Pokal though it was but a dream as all the top teams had fallen in earlier rounds.

So now onto the next season, some major strengthening is to be needed for next season I think.

My youth intake wasnt that great either, although we have State of the Art youth set up our recruitment isnt any good and will need looking at. I did request an upgrade at the start of the season, but the board declined.

Thanks for reading and hopefully next season will be more pleasing to read...

Just a quick update to say that this season is not going to plan. We have had a horrid start to the season. We sit 13th after 10 games and my job is insecure.... hopefully they will give me time to turn it around but they wanted Euro place finish this season and that is looking a loooonnnggg way off at the moment...

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Shocking!!! I truly do not know what went wrong!! We had a poor end to last season and never recovered. We picked up abit of form but lost 2 on the trot again and the board thought it was time for me to go. I think a lot of it was down to players getting concerned. I had 4 or 5 players before my last game saying they were concerned, I tried to ensure them that I could turn things around but it was not to be!!

Im sorry and sad that this went so badly... I will return...