Feb 6, 2013
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Having deployed a scout to South Africa to search for an cheap talent, as soon as I saw this man, I instantly snapped him up.

Naturally a AMC AMR and an ST this guy is not only a genuine talent but a very useful one an he can play many different positions.

He could potentially play as a Trequarista, Advanced Playmaker (att and sup) Deep Laying Forward etc. the list goes on.

This has been my best regen signing THUS far, I am yet to use him as he is only 16 HOWEVER his stats scream a future best player in the wor

UNREAL technical stats: 15 passing, 16 finishing, 15 crossing, 17 dribbling, 17 free kick taking, 17 heading, 18 technique is just unreal for an 16 year old!! These stats are already as good as some world class players in their prime.
UNREAL mental stats: 15 decisions, 14 creativity, 18 determination, 17 work rate, 12 team work, 14 off the ball, 13 composure, 12 anticipation. One again truly fantastic baring in mind he is 16 years old age!
Some very good physical: 15 balance, 15 strength and 14 stamina
is fantastic for his age once again.
Age: I know I've mentioned a lot but he has around 10 years left of developing into his prime, at 16 having 14-18 on average in some stats is truly unreal.
Price: £1 million is a genuine steal, how I did it I do not know, I personally feel he will be easy +£50 million at his prime due to his boundless potential.
Contract: With a contract to 2020 with £5,500k a week is once again brilliant, so cheap for someone who will prove how he will conquer the footballing world.
He is an English speaker so there will be no communication barrier meaning he hopefully will settle in the country easier.
He is relatively slow, he will become quicker whoever working on it could take time and I really don't do wingers with less than 13 pace and acceleration.
Natural Fitness:
I REALLY can't stress how important natural fitness is, he is constantly injured and it messes up his career it would be SUCH a blow soon as he is a HUGE prospect.
Cheers :D

Sorry about that, I am more a viewer than a doer, I'll re upload it soon.
No problems mate. This section is for the real players rather than regens, as they will only appear in your game.