Turn shots into goals HELP!!

Nov 12, 2013

Without sounding stupid.
I always have a very high shot attempt and shot on target total and possession ratio at the end of a match. I am Arsenal and my players score goals and mainly have high finishing or goal scoring Attributes also Giroud for example has 15 league goals up until January so it cannot be blamed on his poor finishing. So far it has not been a big problem but I have relied on last minute goals or penalties to get me a win instead of a draw in games like this and I would prefer to be out of touch instead of struggling to score.

Is the problem of turning 30+ shots and 15+ on target into goals simple to fix with the addition of a world class striker, is it because their GK's have a stormer all the time or is it something I am doing wrong?

Does this happen to anyone else, is there a quick fix??


Nov 13, 2016
So far after 6 league games as Man U manger I've had 187 shots, 67 on target and a return of 18 goals. Maybe I'm being greedy but I think I should be getting a better conversion rate??