Turning a half star youth into a leading star?


Sep 4, 2010
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Frankly I've never been bothered to try something like this, but given the proper training and development is it possible to ever make a 0.5 star rated youngster into a top division player?

very unlikely unless you work extremely hard playing and training them, this could affect your results if you play them in the first team as they would be so weak
Probably not. It all depends what the players PA is, along with his hidden stats etc. Note that he may also have a perceived potential that is higher or lower than his actual potential, so you can't trust scout/coach reports too much.
Thanks for the comments, so is it possible to overturn the CA of a player? Or is that a fixed allocated value to each player?
CA changes, PA don't.

But, IMO the CA is not so important in this series of the game. You have the example of Oxlade-Chamberlain, with a PA of 158 (correct me if im wrong), but one of the best mids, wingers that i have tested.

Its more a combination of hidden skills (professionalism and consistency seems to be the better one), getting the CA=PA and having 18 or above values in the key attributes. It has happened to me having a striker with 180/195 CA/PA and an amazing shooting skill of 11 (started with 3...). Played well, but is role is to score, and i had one with 165/166 CA/PA with finishing of 20 (started with 16) that scored 30 or more all seasons!!
Thanks, yeah sometimes the game is a bit funny, for example on my Blackpool save I had bought Paloschi for 1.5mil, he wasn't out of this world, nor is his PA an amazing one too, however his stats became outstanding for me, 18 finishing, composure, off the ball. Scored 50 goals in 2 seasons for me, was worth 18mil+ after that.