Turning players to Sergio Busquet type, is it worth it?


Jun 2, 2013
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Im playing a possession game, almost similar to barca, i have regen DM, which is very agile,creative, and his defense capabilities are top notch.. Here he is, Wesley, bought him for 1.5m euro in my 1st year, now im on my 6th year.

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I have always used him as a Busquet type of player, averages 89% completion of his passes yearly.

He's also my FK specialist, all of his goals except for 1 or 2 has been from FKs. Im thinking of training the PPM of "Play short simple passing" as it will be the best suite, but if you look at his attributes, he would be a good DLP or AP, but im not using a DLP right now, maybe in the distant future. Is limiting his passing range would benefit my team?... i constantly having 65-75 % of possession at home regardless how strong the opponent.

Is everyone else on your team set for short and simple passing?

If they are then he should probably match.

It does seem like a bit of a waste not to use that 20 passing rating as a DLP but he looks like he would be a bit better as just a plain DM because of the slight lack of teamwork. His aggression seems a little low for a ball winner but Busquets is not primarily a ball winner.

I would say just do whatever matches your team's style, you shouldn't necessarily change just for one DM.

Another note. Busquets completes about 92% of his passes but it looks like your guy only does about 85%. Switching him to short and simple might improve that to where you essentially never turn the ball over. Or it could backfire and cause him to play like **** for a year or two. I had the opposite happen with one of my CMs once. He was originally a 75% passer with short and simple but he passed so slow that it killed breakaway chances. I switched him to normal and he dropped to the 60s for an entire season. Good news was that it gave me more breaks but bad news was that I let up more central penetration off of TOs and as a result gave up more goals.

Good luck with whatever you end up doing!
Oh actually I just re-read the OP and realized that your picture had misled me into thinking he was passing at 85%. I didn't notice that the sample size was only the first 6 games of your new season. That actually might make me lean more towards just leaving him alone to play like he does, unless you consider 89% too low...

I'm not big on the Barca style even though it is super popular and effective so I don't really know exactly what kind of numbers you are looking for. Stats wise your guy looks pretty solid and will probably play best when left to his own devices.

So unless he is really messing you up I would now suggest just leaving him alone.

I'm kind of wondering what the rest of your team looks like and if you are having success.
@Sean - almost everyone is set to short passing game, except for my Advance playmaker and Deep Lying forward. He is now on 86%, but its now december, and he keep misplacing 10+ passes a game, last year, he rarely miss 10+ passes.

I bought a new BWM (papadoupolus), and loaned out my previous BWM (wanyama). Papadoupoulos is less technical than wanyama, does it affects my DM?.. maybe papadoupolos doesnt have the mentality to keep recieving those? is that a thing?

Im still not training him that PPM, he's still tutoring one of my regen.
Put him as a DLP - Defend in the DM role, but make sure he isn't your team's playmaker in the team instructions.