Nov 10, 2010
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I need some advice on what to do regarding contract renewals. I've just started my 11th season now and my Board have decided to allow me to turn fully Pro at the start of next season. The majority of players are on short, 18 month contracts that i usually renew around December before the January transfer window starts

My questions are:

1) Will i just offer them their usual part-time contracts in December then offer them full-time contracts in June?
2) Will all my players accept full-time contracts?
3) If they don't accept, will i have to pay out compensation to terminate their contracts early?
4) How much is my wage bill likely to rise by? (currently £8,000p/w, my average wage is £260p/w)

Sorry if any of the question are completely retarded, i just have no idea what to expect.
1) Offer full time now

2) They should accept the same wage even on full time, at least for me they did, only 2-3 players ask for a little more if you go for full time. Therefore when i start on a part time team i always offer only full time contracts!

3) I'm not sure currently just won BSP as woking, always been able to terminate contracts without any fee (even full time ones) when i was semi pro.

4) Depends on the financial status, on my Woking save i was able to get a 1M gain somehow and they gave me a 425,000 Euros / year budget. If your financial status is bad, you just get the same amount every year. If i remember correctly on my Droylsden save i was getting always 300.000 E /year because i didnt pay attention at financial part.
Thanks, i'll get offering those contracts right away!
Does anyone else have an issue with players who have just signed new contracts getting injured straight away? In my next game after giving out a bunch of full-time contracts, i picked up 4 injuries and 2 serious knocks. Is it a bug?
Never happened to me, although every time i'm on a winning streak i always get injuries to my key players <)

I once had injuries to ALL my 5 MC (and i use 2) and i was like.. ehrr ok...

Or when i subbed an injured ST just to get the other one injured after 1 minute (my personal record)