Arsenal 3 - 0 Scum
Nov 25, 2008
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I must have used so many skins on football manager 2009, but i think now my ultimate favourite is "turnstyle" i was just wondering who else has this skin, and what are your opinons of it? or alternatly if you are using a skin that you think is better and why..?

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There is a new Turnstyle blue edition available now,very smart.
can u put a screenshot of a players profile up?
where can you download the logos for this skin
the ones where on your screenshot it says 16.Juan Manuel Mata and a Arsenal logo beside it
are you talking about the badges in the top left, or in the bottom right?
your background look great and thanks for the skin :D any chance off u uploading them background :L
Looks decent. might look into it.

Leeum please sort your screen resolution mate it will benefit you in so many ways.