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Tutorial to get fitness % back instead of heart icon


Nov 16, 2020
This worked for me for Tato skin, but presumably it should work with any skin.
First few steps are for Tato skin specifically.

1. Install and run Resource Archiver.
2. Extract the Tato FMF file to Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2021\skins through Resource Archiver.
3. Make Tato folder the main folder, otherwise it will not load in FM (i.e. Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2021\skins\Tato)
4. Download 'FLUTSKIN FM21 V15'. This skin happens to have the files we need.
5. Extract 'properties' folder from fm2021flutskin_dark folder to Tato folder. What this seems to contain is a set of defines for the skin to use, including the original fitness %.
6. Also extract 'team_squad.xml' and 'team squad tactics panel.xml' from fm2021flutskin_dark\panels\team to Tato\panels\team. This will give you condition % in squad view.
7. Go to Tato\panels\widgets and open 'match players bar widget.xml' with notepad. Ctrl+F to find both instances of 'PcOI' (it will be under a comment saying 'condition icon') and change them to 'PRCF'. This will give you condition % during a match. You can change the 'width' to say '80' to make it show in adequate width.

Hopefully I've recalled it correctly.. if not, or if your skin already has those files, or you have more panels to edit, you just need to set the define for 'PRCF' (step 5), and then edit 'PcOl' to 'PRCF' where you need it changed.

Most of this info is thanks to 'a31632', but he lacked some explanation and it was a bit convoluted, so I thought I'd clarify it so other people don't have to waste time working it out.
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