Oct 19, 2012
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So i'm in year 2015, and i just brought in Eduardo (the croatian striker) to tutor Ademilson, but when i talk to Eduardo, I don't get the choice to tutor Ademilson, only some younger strikers.. Why is that?
ademilson will be 23 so he cant be tutored, to get the best out of him tutoring him at start of the game is best same goes for fierro and all other young stars
I'm afraid your both wrong, in 2015 Ademilson would be 21, the guy was born in 1994. Hejsoede, there are certain requirements to tutoring which are:

1. Both tutor and tutee cannot be learning a PPM
2. The tutee and tutor must play in a similar position (awkward or better)
3. The tutor must have a higher reputation than the tutee
4. The tutor must have a higher squad status than the tutee (rotation or higher for the tutor)
5. The tutor must be atleast 23 and the tutee 22 or younger

I hope this helps :)
Thanks for answers :)

I am aware of these requirements, and they are all fullfilled, but when i ask Eduardo, Ademilson simply isn't an option as tutee. :-(
I also have that problem when tutoring players sometimes and I don't know why it happens.