Tutoring players what you must know!!


Aug 19, 2010
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evening all some of you probably already know this but for those taht dont this is intended for you. did you know when you ask a senior player to tutor a young one it has no little if no impact on his technical stats but does have huge bearing on his mental stats. for example i have pirlo tutoring verratti who will learn the important mental attributes off him like composure, vision, off the ball, decision making etc if you follow me, this is what turoing a player does, it will not however make him a world class passer of the ball etc if you see where im going this is down to good coaching and game time but i always as a golden rule get my senior players to tutor my young ones so they learn the important mental attributes. its much harder to obtain mental attributes than technical ones but a player is useless on technique alone, teh most important coach i advise you to sign is the ball possession coach an the two attribute stats you should look for are technical and mental and ideally these should be 17+.