Dec 11, 2011
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Has anyone ever thought about doing a list of good/cheap tutors? I thought it wouldn't be a bad idea
I'm Man Utd, I set :

RvP -> Wellbeck
Bale -> Draxler
Valencia -> Chamberlian

and they get remarkable improvement, but some aren't going well (scholes -> adam maher, Rio Ferdiand -> vermiji)
Lampard/John terry/ Sami Khedira / Paul Schooles / Giggs
Jari Litmanen!! His mental stats are insane and his personality is a leader(one of the best your players can have), Has useful PPM's, Free transfer and will always become a coach if asked I get him all the time plus he's a footballing legend
Thankyou guys! I mean like people you would be able to bring in, for example I've brought in Solgado, Clint Hill and now Litmanen, all for dirt cheap and great backups. Wow, I can't believe Litmanen, His stats are insane! O:
ze roberto from gremio available on a free in january.. and alex a 34 yo brazilian centre forward with model professional personality is available on a free because he is without club.
for any poacher type strikers, bring in robbie fowler, if hasn't retired. amazing hidden ppms. great mental stats. also never if your tutor has less determination stat then the player you want him to tutor don't go for it as hes determination stats will fall. unless he has other good mental stats. e.g concentration for a defender.