Two coaches teams after changing club o.0


Nov 8, 2010
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I've got a problem.

I was playing as a manager in Arsenal and just after end of my contract I have moved to Atletico Madrid.

First of all, what I do after changing clubs, is checking coaches in that club.
I was so surprised when I noticed that over half of my coaches from Arsenal was on the list in Atletico, but still working in Arsenal.

For example I've got 2 assitants while one is still in Arsenal...

I've tried saving and quitting game but doesn't help.
Any ideas how to fix it?

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anybody guys? :(
Never saw that happen before :S Is it affecting your game though? Not really realistic, but if it's harmless then I wouldn't worry too much. Else, you might just add a manager to Arsenal and either sack or offer them new contracts, see if that helps.
it sucks because I've got so many coaches on the list, it's messy

what else hmm i got messages about new moves arsenal players learned, even I'm not working there anymore :|
Seems like quite a big bug actually.

Like the game us unsure who you are managing. I've heard of it happening in Spain, but usually the problem are the B teams?

Is your B team in a playable league? Maybe the bug has somehow extended to your previous club instead of your B club...
try the subsciptions? unsubscribe from all arsenal activites
Thats why I was gonna say check the subscriptions mate. Because you were their manager you will still see things they are doing as your suscribed to them.
nope I have no personnel in subscription area ;/

****, I don't get it!