Two great 442 tactics with great results - winning PL with Tottenham 1st season

Nov 10, 2012
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Hi Guys.

Felt like sharing my 442 tactic. It's the first time I've ever made a tactic that I'm so proud of, that I wanted to share it.

It's a 442 in two variations - one for home games and one for away games.

As you can see from the screens, I've had great succes with it. I originally created it for Tottenham, and it won me the PL in the first season. I wanted to test if it was just a fluke, or if I was really on to something, so I started a new save with Nottingham Forrest, and as you can tell from the screenshots, I've had great succes with them aswell.

The home tactic focusses on balanced attacking, with the majority of the chances coming from the wingers. The away tactic is very similar to the home tactic, but is a bit more cautious. Generally it focusses on solid defence, with a fairly deep defensive line. It's a counter attacking tactic, but whenever the chance for counter attacks is gone, it's also very good at retaining possesion.

Breakdown of each positions

Goalkeeper and central defenders: Are just totally regular. If you can, I suggest you get some defenders that are confident in the passing game. The tactic only uses two midfielders in the center of the pitch, so they will often pass it back to retain possesion, if there are no open players downfield.

Fullbacks: Will often come running from deep, so apart from marking, tackling and positioning I recommend looking for crossing, stamina and maybe dribbling.

Central midfielders: The two central midfielders are very similar in their playstyle. MCR will run from deep and run with the ball more frequently, so look for creativity, passing, stamina, but also marking, tackling and positioning, as he will be an important part of the defence aswell. MCL won't run from deep or dribble, so the defensive attributes are more important for him. Still, passing, stamina, decisions and even creativity are also important stats for him. Remember, both players will both attack and defend, so I recommend getting two midfielders that can play both ways, rather than getting one defensive and one offensive midfielders. Sandro and Dembélé are nice examples of this. One is slightly more offensive, but Sandro can pass and retain possesion, and Dembélé can defend aswell.

Wingers: Pace is very important for the wingers, aswell as dribbling, flair, decisions and crossing. Their wide play is set to "Run into channels", because I think it makes them more versatile, so rather than always racing down the sideline or always cutting inside, they will simply run wherever they can find space.

Strikers: STR is the supporting DLF. Look for a player that can help the midfield with retaining possesion, aswell as creating chances for his teammates. STL is the poacher. His only objective is scoring goals, so get a good dribbler and a good finisher. The fullbacks and the wingers are going to deliver quite a lot of crosses, so if he can head aswell, you hit the jackpot. Example: I got Kweuke, and he was actually great in this role, scoring 19 league goals in 16 games.

Shouts and OI

Didn't use any shouts, and set my ***. to assign OI.

Pre season and matchprep

I recommend loading the German league, as it's pre-season starts in June, giving you extra time to get that tactical familiarity maxed out. The two first weeks I set training to tactics and a very high workrate. After the two first weeks I set the match prep to maximum and tactics only. I also untick "allow rest before game". Effectively, this means that apart from the two first weeks, the team will only match prep and never train. For this to work, you need to play two games a week, giving you a total of 8-10 friendlies in the pre-season (you may have to arrange some friendlies yourself, as your ***. manager normally only arranges 6 or so).

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Download link ----> 442 Home &

Please feel free to tweak the tactic however you like, and please give as much feedback as you possibly can. Also, feel free to request any screenshot you would like to see from my savegames.
what result with forest after promotion ?

wich tweak when you take a red card ?
How do you setup your individual training and training in season? I'll try it in Benfica (started a new long term save, in 1st season) with some new players of course.
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How do you setup your individual training and training in season? I'll try it in Benfica (started a new long term save, in 1st season) with some new players of course.

I just leave it on balanced and medium work rate. The only time I set any individual training, is if I need someone to learn a new position.
Is this tactic created with the new patch, because when yes, where is holtby?