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typing issues


Feb 2, 2010
Hi guys,

does anyone know why I'm having issues with letters I type on my keyboard not always showing up? I'd say it happens with about a quarter of the times I press a key on my keyboard and seems to be effecting keys at random as it doesn't happen everytime I hit a certain key or only on a select few keys.

It only ever happens on this forum, when I use word or on any other forum or any other website my keyboard is fine and I don't have any issues.

It's not just letters that are being affected but the space bar, backspace, delete and enter keys aswell meaning it takes at least twice as long to type anything.

It's been happening for at least 2 weeks now and I can't think of any reason why it would be solely effecting this forum.

Hi gys,

Does ayone know why I'm having issues wi letters I typ on my keybard ntalwa sowng u? I'd sa ithappens with about a uarte o te tmesI press akey on my keyboard and seems to beeffectingkeys arandom asit de't happeneveytime I hti acerta ke or onyon aseectfew keys

Itonl ever hapes on this forum, wen useword or on ay other forum or ayoterwebsite my keyboard isfine ad I d't haean issus.

It's no justltters thatre being affected but the spaeba, backspace, dlete anentr keys aswell meaningit takes alestwic as long to tye athin.

Itsbeen ahpening forateast weesno adI can'tink of ay rason y itwuld besllyon tis orum.

In the above spoiler is the same text as above it but without me having corrected it to show how illegible it is and how bad the problem is.