UD Ibiza - A Spanish Adventure

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Ibiza! With the club only being founded in 2015 the city is probably known more for it's nightclubs than being a footballing powerhouse, but the goal of this save is to give the people of the Island the next big thing in Spanish football. And for a club that hired a DJ for a Copa del Rey clash against the mighty Barca, the only way is up.

Goals for the save
  • Play entertaining football
  • In the long-term develop a good core from the academy
  • Become the best team in Spain and eventually the world
  • Every now and again bring in a "legend" of the game to enjoy the beaches (The likes of say Jamie Vardy playing for Ibiza sounds nice to me)
The format will probably be 3 posts per season, a pre-season preview, a mid-season review and the end of season stuff.
Season 1 began with us having a whopping 16 players with contracts up at the end of the season (Including loans). It was going to be very important to invest in the right areas and with a healthy 2 million in the transfer budget, we had room to work.

I sold players who either threatened dressing room harmony, or I simply didn't plan on using. Alberto Soro appears as a loan twice because midway through the season Granada recalled him. With all these investments we sat on exactly 67k a week, just on the wage cap.


And with that set up, we'll see how well we did this season...

PROMOTION!!!! We clinched a playoff spot and pushed aside Alaves and Malaga to secure a spot in La Liga next season. For a squad whose only objective going into the season was to avoid relegation this is a great start.
Looking forward a lot of investment will be needed, and with the board giving 7 million to spend we'll have to be creative about using that budget to prepare for the top flight.
In other news, due to La Liga stadium rulings we will be renting a stadium next season while our brand new "Ibiza Stadium" is under construction

On a side note, one man I think has a bright future here is former Real Madrid academy prospect and probably future Ibiza captain Morante. Aside from our top scorer Herrera (who won the division's golden boot with 27 in 41 games), he is the player I am most excited to see cope with La Liga football.

Around the World.
It was a great season for underdogs with Napoli winning the UCL and Switzerland winning the World Cup!


Roll on season 2 then!