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Feb 22, 2006
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Az Alkmar 2 Real Betis 1
Espanyol 0 Schalke 0
Hamburg 2 FC Thun 0
Lens 1 Udinese0
Levski sofia 2 Bratislava 0
Marseille 2 Bolton 1
M'Boro 0 Stuttgart 1
Monaco 1 Basel 1
Palmero 1 Slavia Prague 0
Rapid Bucharest 2 Hertha Berlin 0
Bolton were a bit unlucky tonight, they have ended up losing the game on one of there own players conceding an Own goal. Must be bad for Tal Ben Haim the lad who gave the goal away. The goal at half time for Marseille also kind of knocked Bolton off course.

How did Boro play for those of you who watched it?
Awful..picked up when Yak came on hehe...but we are through so we don't care.
yeyyyyyy !

so u mean the last 5 mins JR lol

i was nervous..oo gawd i was nervous...but we pulled thru..like tru uefa cup champions !

bring on roma
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this is also the official scout roma thread...

tottis broke his leg..good news
they beat lazio 2-0 in local derby...bad news
their is about 10 times better than i thought cos all their kids who were on 01-02 have grown up....bad news
theyre still class even with a crocked totti...bad news
and they have about 2 or 3 players in the italian squad as well..

ah well we're ******
Roma have also just won their 11th Serie A game in a Row. Which is a new record. Hopefully they can carry that form into the Boro match and absolutely dominate them :D
yeh but, you can say al this about Roma, o they are going to hammer us...etc...etc... but you said this against Chelsea, 3-0....against Man Utd....4-1 and against Arsenal (1st time :D) 2-1.....

The point im leading onto is quite simple really, and here it is....

Yeh well once you play a good team (Roma) your run in Europe will end. :)

Last year you played two good teams in Europe, Villarreal and Sporting and got beat comprehensively by both.

The only way Middlesbrough can win is by getting lucky just like in the second leg against Stuttgart. Playing a 4-5-1 formation at home to defend a single goal advantage from the first leg was an awful decision and if only Stuttgart could finish Middlesbrough wouldn't of been going to Rome. Middlesbrough just do not know how to play European ties, it's as simple as that.
Lee said:
and if only Stuttgart could finish Middlesbrough wouldn't of been going to Rome.

NoFuckingShit !!!! What next lee !! Goals win games !!

hahahaha well said redders !!!

If we can give them a good game ill be happy enough..it all depend on damage control at the olimpico...in fact its damage control at the riverside as well. i just hope we destroy them at home..like a 2-1 win >_>
I think it will be a good game myself, either team could win but I think Boro will just grind a win out after the two ties. They have got a good chance of winning the Uefa Cup on paper, but knowing Boro they'll get knocked out in a game they should have won :p
Murali said:
NoFuckingShit !!!! What next lee !! Goals win games !!

You can't just take part of my sentence and use it to make yourself look 'witty'. That's like me quoting what you've just said there about Goals win games and then saying no **** Sherlock.
We both said obvious things in different contexts though. Anyway you cant hav a dig at boro without expecting null response.
borough to win it as bolton are out! but i doubt they will win against roma