Nov 21, 2009
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Ultimate Home-Grown Challenge

Hi all, I would like to announce a new challenge to those who are looking for something a bit different that is also tough! The idea of this challenge is to build up club to become world conquering by only ever using players that are home grown at the club. The hardest part of this challenge is the start, as most clubs will only have a handful of home grown players that have come through its own youth system. It is your job to use the money from sales to bring in home-grown players that have since moved elsewhere and bring in u18 players that through training will become eligible as a HG at club player.


  1. The Database should be 13.3.3 with no changes - the original only!
  2. You can manage any team in Europe, from Man Utd to a team in the Polish Ekstralasa.
  3. You may not play any player that is not HG at the club or is future eligible (i.e. will become in 2014) in any competitive match.
  4. You may sign any player that is home grown at the club.
  5. You can sign U18 players, as they will be able to become eligible (for extra difficulty, limit yourself to players of your clubs nationality only)
  6. Manager experience to start as Sunday League Footballer
  7. You may loan U18 players.


  1. Win the top flight of your country with a completely HG at club squad
  2. Win the Champions League with a completely HG at club squad
  3. Win the World Cup using only players that are HG at your club

So there it is, that's the challenge? Who will you be taking to ultimate home-grown glory? Will you go for Barcelona and try to complete the challenge in the first few seasons? Crewe could be an interesting side to attempt this challenge with. Or you could be Man Utd, and prove that you can win with kids again?

Best of luck, I will be announcing my team choice shortly.
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I will be trying this save,Out of interest, who did you start with?
And just to make sure, you can play players who will become eligible in the future.
I'm doing it with the team I support - Cambridge United :) going well so far, got promotion through the play offs and top of league 2 in January.

Yes you can sign any 18 year old or younger and they will become HG after 3 years.
Using FMRTE I have gave all the Premier League teams a transfer embargo until 2900 so every club wiill have to use youth team players/regens

View attachment 358646

Should be fun
W4NKER, is it possible to do what you've done using the editor? Sounds very interesting.

Will be trying this challenge with Feyenoord.
W4NKER, is it possible to do what you've done using the editor? Sounds very interesting.

Will be trying this challenge with Feyenoord.

Kind of.

You can go into each club's data, Finances > General, and there are boxes you can fill in for Transfer Embargo start / end dates.

However, you need to do this for each individual club - and even then any new club that gets promoted into the division at the end of each season won't have such an embargo (unless you change every single club before you start).

I can't see a way of easily giving a transfer embargo to an entire division.
Is there any way of setting a rule in place on editor, so that you are only allowed to sign players from your own nation?
In my third season with West Ham, havent bought any players. My best placing in the PL is 7th. All i have is HG players, alot of fun! Could post my regens if interested? ps. I have the lowest average age in the PL with 22.38
And to clarify is it for the nation, or club? So say could I have a all french team (so long as they trained in that nation?
United are easily the best team to do this with I think! (Especially if its British players rather than English players only)

Jones, Smalling, Ferdinand, Evans
Cleverley, Carrick, Giggs, Young
Rooney, Welbeck

Bench: Fletcher, Zaha, Lingard, Nick Powell, Larnell Cole, Michael Keane, Will Keane
Very interested in trying this.. I have a question though (sorry if it's stupid) but as it's a HG only, do you have to sell all the non-homegrown players straight away? E.g. Van Persie at United would have to go!
Hi all, just started this un employed in England, landed the Coventry job. Should be pretty interesting. Looking forward to it!

Well, got sacked on Oct 7th after only 2 wins in all competitions with Coventry. I don't blame them really! I then picked a job with bottom of the table Bournemouth. Lets see how it goes.
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