unable to sign england trialists?


Apr 21, 2009
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ive just scouted the england trialists games and found some player i want to snap up but for some reason on some of them it doesnt have the option 'approach to sign' in the players action menu in the bottom left.

any reason for this?
If it is before the actual trial day matches then you will not have that option. Once the matches have been played it should be back again.

If not then I have no idea.
u ave 2 scout them 1st
Did you actually attend the match or did you just send your scouts to watch some players. i found i couldnt sign them unless i actually sat through the game. Great source of players when you're in teh lower leagues though, got some real stars through the trialists :)
yeah you have to watch the game not just scout them, i watch the game then scout the players who performed good
I have never watched a trialist match, only sent my scouts to watch. When the players are named in the teams I couldn't sign them, but after they had played I could.

It is the reason I signed Noone for Welling United, and various players in my second season with enough to help me gain back to back promotions.
You just need to send your scout, then after the match, you'll be able to sign them.
What are the different trial days for countrys?
you have to wait until the trailist matches have finished that works with me mate. hope i helped
You cannot sign a player until the trial matches are over, simple as that.
Yeah i done this before. you have to wait until after the matches to sign them. normally the players are not that good though.
After the matches I would suggest trying to sign them then. Or try searching him using the search bar? Might work.