unable to win league games but destroying the champions league


Jun 30, 2013
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ive moved to club brugge in the belgian pro league and its been a season of highs and lows. i without a doubt have the best team in the league and have the best staff. yet with my perfect team i sit 14th after 10 games with only 8 points. this being said ive achieve qualifications to the champions league, beating braga 5-1 on aggregate, and being second in my group with man utd, psg and valencia. i lost agaisnt man utd 4-0 away (not suprising), won 3-1 agaisnt psg and 4-1 against valencia.

considering my team and my success in europe how can i turn my league around??

and if i get a superb board rating for the champions league but finish mid table will i still get scked or will i be offered another contract?
Maybe try a different tactic or formation in the league? Maybe your created one isn't right for belgian football but is effective in Europe where they don't know what to expect. If you finish mid-table it'd be a 50//50 with being sacked but if your contract is up I'd expect it to not be renewed with a club like Brugge. However that could change depending on how far you get in the champions league.

Speaking from personal experience I had a similar situation and finished a dissapointing 8th with my Everton team, but won the champions league in the same season beating Manchester United 4-0 in the final (don't ask me how)
In the Belgian league you are one of the top dogs if not THE top dog. In the CL you are an underdog. Your tactics clearly are underdog tactics.