Jul 31, 2009
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I have seen several people ask this question and I have the same problem.

Using steam, when downloading and extracting/installing faces, kits and skins, it does not work by installing them into documents etc.

A thread asking this question was just closed (?) by referencing the standard sticky when it was mentioned that it does not work for steam. At least for some of us, does it work for some steam users?

User(Your Name)/Documents/Sports Interactive/Football Manager 2011/skins.

That does not work with steam.

Also placing the skins/ face packs etc in the proper steam program files of the C: drive does not work either.

Has anyone been able to make this work?

Please let the rest of us steam users in on the secret!

Also has anyone found a way of ordering the FM 2011 Disk and having their steam account nullified? I want to swap my steam access for a real disk.
never failed for me installing to user documents/si/fm11 skins,faces logos or anything and ive been using steam for last few releases,cant see why it wouldnt work has nowt to do with steam
I use Steam and have posted on a similiar thread explaining that everything is the same process so it *Should* work if it doesn't then it *shouldn't* have anything to do with Steam. I use steam myself and have installed Faces,Kits,Logos etc.
Ok, thanks, at least now I know it will work with steam. I did have a save game fail earlier, possibly corrupted files?

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Fixed it. Long story, but for anyone else, it's not steam, it will work.