Dec 21, 2009
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I cant find a thread about him neither in any downloadable shortlist here so i decided to make one. His name is Stephane Ruffier. He plays for as monaco. His stats looks like carasso and pretty affordable too. I highly recommend him.
post a screenshot, I wanna see his stats :)
He's not undiscovered. I would recommend him for Bayern if you have got less money, usually refuses to come but when he does he does his job quite well in the goal
Yeah he is pretty good. A good alternative to the costly keepers most people sign ;)
He's not 'undiscovered'. I know him from somewhere. He's a French goalkeeper I'm guessing and is a good buy.

I just can't find him.


I've found him. He's a goalkeeper for A.S. Monaco. For those who want screenshots, here he is.

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his attribute looks like rene adler's attribute
I think he looks like benaglio. And he got transfer listed 2nd season in my game.
Also, he has a brother available on a free at the start, also a keeper and not too shabby either.